The North of Cebu Will Be Stormed Again…

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by hardcore runners for the Hardcore Ultramarathon (H1) – Cebu, 50miles and 100miles. This race was originally scheduled last year in November but due to typhoon Yolanda devastation in the northern part of Cebu, the organizers decided that it’s best to postpone the event.

But as Bogo Mayor Martinez said last Run to Rebuild Bogo conference, “We need to move forward. Having this run will give the people a signal that Bogo is rising up again.”


This time, there’s no stopping! There are talks about crushing course records and setting new records this Friday. But above all, these runners will be bringing a torch of light around the northern Cebu, a symbol of moving on!

From our very comfortable chair, here’s our little cheer to the runners.


Noel Tillor (Team ARC)

Will old records be wrecked by his comeback to ultramarathon? Not impossible! But still it come with a few doubts, since it’s known that he is concentrating on marathon distances (CCM 2014 local category champion), and he has yet to prove in the 100KM distance. Nevertheless, whatever may be the outcome, as a Bogo-anon, he is a perfect representation of Bogo’s strength — not the ones to easily back down from challenges.

Photo by John Domingo

Rhoda Caballero-Oporto (Team ARC / INDIE Runners)

Setting a record will come easy for the women category since there is none yet. With her performance last CUC 100K leg 3, this is probably going to be Rhoda’s kill. But the challenge will be — can she set a very challenging record to break by the followers?

Photo by Roy Delez


Kit Quiseo

It was believed that last Leg 3, he with Neil Nacario and Rico Dale were the first to run a 100K in bare feet in the Philippines. Is he going to be the first in hundred miles again in the Philippines? Together with the following:

John and Kit
(Photo from ADR)

John Merin (Team ADR)

Edwin Colina

He ran the course last year in shoes. Will he do it this time in bare feet?

Photo by Ulysses Chan

Romil Garces (INDIE Runners)

With his recent injury, unlikely, he will run his first 100miles in bare feet. But we’ll never know.

Photo by Francis Rosos

More faces and feet to storm Northern Cebu:

Menchu Costanella Dagode (TCRC)

Photo by Reynan Opada

Katherine Villaflor (Davao)


Photo collage from John Domingo

Cebu Trail Runners

Johnny Salinas and Dax Dejoria. Dax will be a bet to be one of the top placers, if not champion. =)

Photo from Jasmin Lim

INDIE Runners

Photo from Rhoda Oport


I think there are a lot of ADR members in Bogo who will also be running so Team ADR will be in full-force support for their mates, and for other runners. So if you are a runner, and you happen to meet some of them on the road side, they’ll be happy to help you.

Photo from Team ADR

Delima Couple

Photo from John Domingo

The Hunk – 1

Photo by iCapture

These are some of the faces of the brave hardcore.

Again, to all Hardcore participants, best wishes!!! Be the light!

(The official list of participants is not yet published so the following runners mentioned above may not be all correct.)

For those not part of Hardcore Ultra, please join us at Athletes Talk, Jan. 31, 2014, 7pm Friday at UP Cebu, more info here >>.
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