Photo by Roy Delez / Text by Renba Ramirez

Cebu City Marathon (CCM) 2014 Battle Stories: Showcase of Humanity’s Grit

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Picking 2 stories to get the UD beltbag is very hard to do. It’s probably harder than doing the race. =) Because each story is just wonderfully touching in its own unique way. Cliche but it’s true!

Anyhoo, so not to make it hard for us. We pick the winners based on the number of times it get “heart-ed:” the most number and the least. I guess it’s a very fair rule. =)

Here are the 2 stories that each get a  UD beltbag:

1) Title: My first time 42k Full Marathon wearing a Full Michael Jackson Attire (“thats from head to foot ahhh”)
Contributor: D.j. Fortz

“Running is not boring, we have the freedom of expression in our own little way”.

Photo collage from the DJ Fortz

Photo collage from the DJ Fortz

There’s just no denying that the King of Pop is still unbeatable.

2) Title: Live. Don’t Just Exist
Contributor: Renba Ramirez

“‘ll drag my my limit to the finish line and slap that limits face with the medal!”

Photo by Roy Delez / Text by Renba Ramirez

Photo by Roy Delez / Text by Renba Ramirez

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42KM of THANK YOU TO ALL THE STORIES YOU SHARED! Below are the rest of the Cebu City Marathon 2014 stories shared by different runners.  Click on each “title” to read on, and be more inspired.

When all things fail, look deeper and there’s always something to be thankful of.

Title: Runing with Rain
Contributor: Scout (yojlef) Canada

“My goal is to post a new PR in my 2nd full marathon i train hard easy jogs,sprints,long runs heat trainings and full excitement…But during the CCM2014 we run under the heavy rain,buti nalang nakabili ako ng training long sleeves it helps a lot but because of rain and cold water i fail my goal to have a new time record in 42k.Otherwise even i did not reach my goal i enjoy the race with my brother from the starting line down to SRP until finish line”

Photo from Scout Canada

Sometimes inspiring running stories can be as powerful as physical training. So share your story, you’ll never know who will benefit from it.

Title: Ang inspirasyon sa akong SL
Contributor: Rhon Belgida

“2 days before the CCM, I read some stories here para ma.inspire pud ko since this is my first full marathon.”

Not all races may be stars, but each is a rock that contributes in building a pillar. (From Chrissie Wellington)

Title: Never Give Up – Keep Going!
Contributor: Paul James G. Zafico

“It took 4 failed attempts since January 2010. I’ve made alot of mistakes but I learned from them. All the negative thoughts faded and dispeared as soon as I focused on the job at hand. Just keep on going and everything will be fine.”

Photo from Dan Enriquez

Title: First Time for Everything
Contributor: Stacey Cardoso

“So when I asked how far, I really just wanted to get past the tunnel before they open it again for normal traffic. At least then I can finish the race for my pride. Nothing else. No medal. No loot bag. Not even a towel.”

Finishing a marathon may be an individual quest, but it might take a village for one to be successful in it.

Title: My very 1st full mary.
Contributor: Arlan Bueza

“…salamat sa naka pacing nmu sir Zack Cris Tan nga nag hatag og asin. Pasalamat sad ko sa runner nga ni stop para mo share sa Omega nga iya dala Salamat brother kung si kinsa ka man hehehe. Og ni bossing nga ni dali2x og duol nku to assist me while nag yaka tungod sa kasakit.”

Photo from Roy Delez

Sometimes, it’s not the distance you need to overcome, but your personal doubts.

Title: Overcoming Doubts, Surpassing Expectations
Contributor: Salimuang Runner

“Doubts!? I overcame it! Expecting to barely to finish within cutoff time?! Surpass it even! To Him be the Glory!”

Photo from Manolito Camacho & Roy Delez

Title: Redeeming Myself
Contributor: Maria Clara

“I was able to pace alongside with a runner from Cagayan Valley and Zamboanga. And I’m like, “wow”, knowing that they came from the different parts of the Philippines just to be able to join the Cebu City Marathon.”

Because in times of trouble, running can be the best kind of gift we can give.

Title: CCM 2014: Where HOPE and Dreams Collide
Contributor: Lester Tabada

“If it not for the help of the people like John Pages of CERC, the power couple Noy and Amale Jopson of the The Brick, Nino Abarquez of Three of Me, Joes Matias of A Runners’ Circle – Los Angeles, Jidan Jakosalem of ARC-Cebu and Coach Rio of RunRio and many many others who supported our delegation to pursue the Dream back, it would have meant a lot less. Leyte would have sent 10-15 individual runners, not a united 70 plus dream-team of runners!”

Photo by Bobbie Alota

It might take a marathon to realize you’re not sexy, but you are STRONG!

Title: Take it Slow So Slow – Run! FatBoy Run!
Contributor: Marjohn Presbitero

“I decided to pose an Anton Krupicka look(topless) without the short shorts since I do not have one. Anton is not a barefoot runner but the most popular icon among the minimalist runners. He usually sports a long hair with beards, short running shorts and sockless shoes. Sometimes, he wears sunglasses and hand carried a hydration bottle. When I looked at my picture on this pose, I have realized I am not that sexy as I thought…LOL”

Only in races where a wrong turn can give you a bonus… of miles.

Contributor: Geff Chang

“what should have been a 21k run ended up a 30k (a first!) run because of a wrong turn.”

Title: Faith-filled 21K
Contributor: Kristoffer Lao

“Looking back I realized a lot of things preparing, being and ending the run. But above all, I realized that you’ve got to have that faith in yourself and to Him above that with Him, you can do anything! Nothing is impossible! :)”

#‎BangonTapolan‬ ‪#‎DaganHinayan‬

Title: 42‬K in less than 42 days training!
Contributor: Jacks Parrow

 “But most all, I want to inspire my 15 y.o. son to follow us on running and live a healthy life. I ended up with 6:56 (not too bad for a beginner) and stopped thinking of giving-up in life’s challenges.”

In running, everyone is young.

Title: A young 21K
Contributor: Macmac Tan

“At the Escario part near Capitol, I started to really slowed down there when this person who I know is older than me talked to me about his pain he felt in both his legs. And from that point on, we ran together and had a little chit chat about our running careers, about ourselves and also about our pains we felt during that time XD After we arrived at IT park, he said that I could sprint it to the finish line since he was going to walk it off. We shook hands and off I go to the finish line!”

We survived earthquake and strongest typhoon, what is a marathon?

Title: My 1st 42k run
Contributor: Michael Catubay

In between the starting and finishing lines, enjoy the small wins!

Title: Running with an Injury…
Contributor: Ranilo Camacho

“I just can’t help pacing with the veteran runners, that brought me to set new Personal records of: 5K 24mins, 10K 50 mins and 21k 1hr 52 mins. I felt really amazing to not even feel tired…”

A marathon can give you the best out of your worst.

Title: Against all odds: My Cebu City Marathon 2014 experience
Contributor: Emerson Maningo

“The glorious ambiance at the Finish Line and my successful barefoot running strategy transforms this very painful day into one of my most best running races ever!”

Running can also be a prayer.

Title: My First 21K with CCM : My Way of Saying Pit Senyor!
Contributor: Ann Yguinto

“I kept running and ignored it and I kept thinking that the distance was only short. An idea came up with my mind that if I will finish the run it will be my way of saying my Viva Pit Senyor since the running event usually happened as a prelude for the Sinulog feast in Cebu.”

Hydration: it is different for each runner.

Title: My 2nd half marathon
Contributor: Kimpoy Sy

“…the rain still pouring, this gave me an idea to at least not stop at the hydration station, I just slid my tongue out and “Presto”, the hydration from the sky will satisfied my thirst, ha.ha.ha., but who will not stop for Gatorade?”

We are over to the moon happy with all the stories shared! Keep them coming!

For February, keep posted what will be the item we will be sharing back with you, guys! =) It looks like another UD belt, except this time it comes in different form?!?


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Funny these beltbags have found owners. Hope they will serve you will.

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