Upcoming weekend races in Cebu: Medal, Mountain, or Shirt? What is your pick?

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Altra King of the Hill Ultramarathon 2014
Run to Rebuild Bogo


There are few questions here and there as to which race should they pick this coming weekend, January. 26, 2014? Some are confused which race for a cause they should pick: Run for UP High or Run to Rebuild Bogo? Since both have worthy causes. How about trail run, King of the Hill, for a change?

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Run UP High, details >>
(You can check our Run UP HIGH slots winners for #throwbackthursday promo here >>.)

We are a big supporter of Run UP High since it started as it’s an alma mater. We’ve been registering for it, though haven’t raced on the actual date. Being a graduate from this school, I know how badly help is needed by my school. (Feeling guilty now!) And, any help we can extend will never go to waste as rest assured, they will all go teachers and staff who are very passionate and smart, as well as the students (like me).

If the above plea for help does not touch your heart, how about a picture of the actual medal?!?

I never received as pretty as this medal in my entire high school days there!

Altra King of the Hill Ultramarathon 2014 – 50K,20K, details >>

Because the mountain is there.

The river is there.

And the mud is eagerly waiting.

Run to Rebuild Bogo, details >>

As Bogo Mayor Martinez said, “We need to move forward. Having this run will give the people a signal that Bogo is rising up again.”

Being supportive of races happening in north — the first 100K, 100 miles, and countless local racing events — they thought that why not make Bogo a sports tourism center. It’s something they want to try as a way to boost economic activity again in Bogo, after the Yolanda. It will be a long-term goal, thus the people behind it thought of creating an event organization group, Cornerstone, which will plan on this initiative. The Run to Rebuild Bogo is just a starter.

For shortcut,  join this race for the singlet / event shirt. If you think that you have too many shirts already, you can register and opt-out the shirt, and it will be less P100. The quality is nice since the organizer really wanted to give the best as a way to make a good start of their long haul!

Photo by Iste Leopoldo

Photo by Iste Leopoldo

Donations are also welcome at the race assembly area in Park Mall.

Wherever you are racing this weekend, you are the glory! (?!?)

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