Cebu City Marathon: How Runners Made it More than an Internat’l Race!

Related Stories: Last Step to a Great Cebu City Marathon: Finding the Photos * more runroo.com CCM features here >> * CCM 2014 runners’ stories at atkib.ph here >> * Sun-Star CCM 2014 Special Updates here >> Don’t forget to share a story with us at aktib.ph here >>. *** Melina “Twinkle” Gonzales. I think no one will disagree when I would say that Twinkle Gonzales is the Running Costume Queen of Cebu, and maybe even Philippines. From fun runs to 100K ultra marathons, she did them all in a costume. So, it was a lot to be missed when she was not able to attend the CCM 2014.

Photo by Lhea Villegas

But, as they

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say, when it rain, it pours! Though, we missed her this year’s CCM, there were more Twinkling Stars shining through the race! From a handful of Twinkle and a few runners, it now looked like one whole contingent for Sinulog festival.

CCM 2014 Best in Costume Podium Finishers:

1st – Francis Brent Costillas, 2nd – Jonathan Dungog (IGAT Runner), 3rd – Edsel D. Eway (Dipolog Running Team aka DIRT)


We thought of trying to dig beyond the layers of their costume, and know a little something behind their costume. Francis Brent Costillas, 1st Placer of Best in Costume – Cebu City Marathon 2014

“Costillos, a resident of Labogon, Mandaue, got P10,000 for his first attempt at joining the contest. “I feel refreshed and happy. All my muscle pains are suddenly gone,” said Costillos in Cebuano. It was his first time to join the Cebu Marathon as he had only been attending fun runs like Energen Family Run, Alpan and Ignician Runs since 2007. His costume, which was designed by Bryan Matapa, earned him a lot of looks from the people and some of them asked to have their photos taken with him.” via Medics: It was perfect running weather | Sun.Star.

Photo by Lemuel Leogene Reyes

Jonathan Dungog, IGAT Runners, 2nd Placer of Best in Costumer

“Originally my goal for CCM was to make a new PR but when Jade told me about the costume, she knew I will not really care about the PR but instead I will go for the costume. I prepared for the marathon but I chose to have the costume. I checked all my past costume but it will not work on the marathon; I went to my designer and asked what does he have that I could wear for the event. I told him I want something light. He showed me immediately the Ati-atihan inspired costume. It was modern, light and easy to wear. We divided the costume into 2: a piece that I could wear the entire 42kms and the piece I could wear for, at least, a kilometer. I was not expecting to win. All I want is to show the real me. My passion, running and fashion. I ran and gave my best. I ended up with a new PR 4:31 and 2nd best costume. It was an event that I could really say mission accomplished. But it will not stop there, I promised myself and to Sr Sto Nino that it will be my annual way of giving thanks for all the blessings.”

Photo by Roy Delez

Edsel D. Eway, Dipolog Running Team (DIRT), 3rd Placer of Best in Costume

“Our group is called Dipolog Running Team or ( DIRT ). During the race, all the members wore our official shirt with STD logo. The acronym has 2 meanings SALOM-TADYAK-DAGAN for the triathlete members and SIGE TAG DAGAN for the plain runners. As to my costume: they call me the goddess of the team. So in a way, the concept was Greek Goddess!

Photo from Roy Delez

Originally, it was a long white gown with no opening in front.

Original gown. Photo from Edsel Way

But since I was going to use it for the marathon, I decided to remove the lining inside and left the chiffon fabric since it was soft and I knew it wouldn’t hinder me from running effectively. After the lining of the gown was removed and the chiffon front was cut, I found out that it was too revealing so I decided to design and improvised a running shorts that will match the gown.”         Presenting the more twinkling stars, runners in their effort-ful running costumes, raining the CCM 2014! Rommel Lao Caputolan, Indie Runners

“It’s about a Man from the Underworld… Ni came-up lang sa ako mind to nga idea.. kay halad man jud to nako nga Run para kng Sto.Niño. Same like last year nagdala gihapon ko niya but gamay rato, but karon nga year nga dako na siya. Ako nawong gihimo nako nga usa ko ka demon nga mkakasala, ug para mpasaylo ako mga sala sa 2013. Ako to saad nga magdala jud ko niya bisa’g unsa mahitabo para good grace sa akoa and familyfor this year. Every CCM, I have faith nga dili jud ko maunsa during the event bisa’g in-ato pa ang weather kay I’m with Him (Sto. Niño). And, as a tradition nato mga Cebuano nga mg celebrate og sinulog every year, mao nato ako way to celebrate para kang Sto.Niño during CCM ky dili man ko kabalo mosayaw like sa uban (street dancing). Ug ang result: I really enjoy the event with the time of 5:07 in 42K. Pit Senyor!!!”

Photo by Ulysses Chan

Edward Salac Concept is “Fallen Angel.”

Photo by Roy Delez

Ayeng Justine Ko, Bacolod Runners

“My costume is Mr. Incredible, which was made by my own hands 2 years ago. Last year I wore it in Vital Run 3 here in Bacolod City for the benefit of the patients of the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital. My inspiration for this costume is my cute nephew, Coco. It is his one of the favorite cartoon character. It is also dedicated to the my incredible Smoke 10 Runners Club Bacolod family, iRun Bacolod, and to all the delegates of Bacolod Running Community in Cebu City Marathon 2014. Also, I wore that healthier Mr. Incredible because, for me, running is not about your body built. But it’s how you love running, and how passionate you are in making it part of your daily living. I would like to express how happy I am. Though, I could not represent Bacolod as a fast runner, but hopefully, I was able to represent it as the “City of Smile.” The Cebu City Marathon 2014 was my first 42k full Mary in costume. I may not able to finish it and did not receive any thing: no medal, nor Finisher Shirt and Loot bag. But the more important thing is that — I gave it my best. And for the Sr. Santo Niño, and to all my Smoke 10 Runners, thank you so much.”

Alistair Tudtud

“Incredble Hulk akong gipili kay he saved the world, and fight for all the criminals. Ang story ani kay na sulod lang ni sa akong huna-huna. Mao to ako ra sad ang nag body paint sa akoang kaugalingon. Wala ko’y tulog ato. After nako’g pintal, derecho na ko sa I.T. Park, starting line. Wala ko mag-expect nga pagkita nila nako, nagpa-picture sila nako gikan pag start hangtud finish line. You know happy kaayo ko kay dghan kaayo naganahan sa akong costume. Bisan wala ko kadaug sa contest, happy gihapon ko kay feeling nako People’s Choice winner ko!”

Photo by iCapture

Rico Dale Wesley, UNGO Runners

“Being a native of Mactan, Lapu-lapu City, and an ancestral of Olango island, running bare — to almost bare at all — means to run with a free spirit and mind. It also a devotion to show you’re a believer and a follower of the Sto. Niño.”

Photo by John Domingo

John Merin, Any Day Runner (ADR)

“My costume was all about like mountain tribes. They aren’t wearing any support on their feet so i just wanted to try how does it feel, in my own style, through running a marathon. There is no great story behind my costume. I did it just to make something different because running simply in a “running attire” bores me. I did it to uplift the spirit, and bring more fun. But what’s really special is that every time I run — from my fun runs, marathon and ultramarathon — is that i dedicate it to one and only woman, my MOTHER. She is the one that keeps me going, and fuels my spirit to ignite my fire for the love of running. All of my pains and prayers are all for her, and also for the people who need spiritual strength. May God bless them!”


Photo by Reynan Opada

D.J. Fortz

“The most interesting part that came into my mind that i will be wearing a non-running (a michael jackson dangerous attire) a day before and Ive decided to put it into action. As I stood in the starting line, fellow runners in the 42k are looking at me with amazement, their eyes were full of disbelief staring at me specifically my shoes, they were in doubt thinking if I could survive the daunting course of 42k wearing a non running shoes. But i\’ve proved it that it was not impossible. I was actually mentally prepared for the run as well as the shoe that im wearing. My reason for doing this, is to challenge myself running with full Michael Jackson costume even though its raining hard, the jacket was real heavy, it was soaked wet.. as well as my leather shoes!..its a killer! I have started felt mild cramps on the 16mile mark but luckily its gone for I was able to adjust my stride and decelerate my pace. People along the route are awesome they keep on cheering while I was running. It’s all worth it in the end. And Im delighted that ive just made joy to those people (spectators), runners, marshalls, hydration crews, to put smile on their faces. And above all to inspire people to run! via My first time 42k Full Mar .. | Running and Marathon Events in the Philippines.

Photo from Rio dela Cruz

Yray Sancho, PH Adiks

Photo by Reynan Opada

Ritzmond Patricio

Photo by Darwin Hermoso Saromines

Costume or what? A recycling advocate or whatever floated in Nap dela Torre’s mind, he probably also belongs here or maybe a totally different category.

Photo by Lapu Lapu Amateur Radio Society and Emergency Network Incorporated

There are more runners in awesome costume that we probably missed! Hopefully next year, we don’t miss any one! This will probably be the most sold-out category in the coming Cebu City Marathons, making it a festival more than an internationally-affiliated race. Or both! *** Don’t forget to share a story with us at aktib.ph here >>. ———————————————————————————- Posted by: rosebuen Rose Buenconsejo. A runner who runs after runners, and their stories, and her dream to become a NEDBANK. Promo Girl, runroo.com View her aktib race calendar >>   Let’s get connected, check us at: facebook.com/runroo, twitter.com/gorunroo, instagram.com/runroo, aktib.ph/runfest.


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