Cebu Running Scene: 2 Races in a Day?!?

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Two press conferences for 2 different race events in a day must be a telling sign that running / sporting race scene in Cebu is getting crazier (in a fun way) this year. I was happy to be invited by the following race events press conferences. Following is just a quick run down from the press conferences:

(Please watch out for our series of features for Kawasan Falls Marathon 2014.)
This one is for my friend Maree Flor, a big fan of Donna Cruz. I was quite surprised when Donna told me that she’s very competitive in races. She was motivated to run faster when people would target her on the race. So from then on, she took time to train to be fast. She said that her usual 5K time is 23min, her 10K PR is 53 (correct me if I’m wrong), and a 1:50 something in 21K. Deym, my kind of woman!
But this Kawasan Falls Marathon 2014, she will only be in the 12K since she just had a recent a surgery. So a Run with Donna in 12K can be something you can look forward to.

Color Manila goes to Cebu
(Keep posted for race slot giveaway for Color Manila in Cebu.)

Since last year, talks about Color Manila coming to Cebu have been circulating. And, last Tuesday, it’s confirmed that indeed Color Manila will happen here in Cebu. Some heads of Proactive Event Management, Justine Kayne Cordero and Jay Em, were here to finalize details: from the date, to the venue, etc. They’re targeting April this year, and they’re favoring to hold it in SRP area (But these are all not final.)
One exciting to look forward to is how Cebu running community will react, since we are known to be very festive people with our Sinulog.
Keep posted here and at for more details of these and more events!

Check for more photos from the press cons.

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    can’t wait for #ColorCebu! 😀

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