Altra Lone Peak: Love-Hate Relationship

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As road racing in Cebu City is opened by Cebu City Marathon, Altra King of the Hill Ultramarathon 2014 will open the trail running scene this coming Jan. 26, 2014 (details here >>).

And, in this line, we thought of giving you a feedback of a trail shoes, Altra Lone Peak, as distributed by SingPhil in Southeast Asia. As they predicted that 2014 will be a year of trail running gaining more popularity, you might consider checking this trail shoes.


Orange color was the only deciding factor when I finally made up my mind of getting the Altra Lone Peak. Despite feeling that I needed trail shoes with a better grip, I was just happy with the Merrel barefoot pace glove. I mean falling down on the trail, from time to time, is not really bad! It’s part of the experience.

With that said, let me start with what the “cons” of Altra Lone Peak…


It was surely a love at first sight. But it was NOT a love at first try.

Coming from the “minimalist running footwear” camp, I am a “ground-feel” addict. “Ground-feel” is when you can feel those stones and rocks, the uneven terrain under your feet. It can be painful for those who are not used to it, but it’s heaven for me / us! It’s like a massage while on the run.

So though Altra Lone Peak is zero drop but its sole is still too thick for my liking.

But it was not at all Altra Lone Peak’s fault. I guess it was all my fault for picking shoes basing only on color.


But I cannot hate it for long because IT WORKS!

After some time of running in it on my usual barangay dirt roads, I realized that it was too overkill for wide open dirt roads. It was like riding a 4X4 truck on a highway. I was not really using its true power. I made it useless that’s why it was really a struggle for both of us to be in sync with one another.

But when we both stumbled on the single technical trails, it’s where we got in the same wave length. The Altra Lone Peak shines best in the very technical trails. The grip is awesome especially on downhills, which I am really bad at. So after all the frustration, I can no longer hate it because when trail gets tough, it works!

The frustrations at start was because we did not meet each other expectations. While I wanted the easy chill dirt roads, Altra Lone Peak wanted it harder and more rough!

With the Lone Peak, it’s always about pushing me to the unknown trail path!


Related Event: Altra King of the Hill Ultramarathon 2014 (REGISTRATION IS OPEN!)

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