Recovery Yoga Poses for Runners

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Cebu City Marathon or wherever you were racing last weekend. Now time to stretch and relax those hardworking muscles. Yoga!

Backgrounder: I’ve been doing yoga but not religiously. I find the easy relax manner of yoga as a perfect combination with the very demanding running. But I never knew its importance until physical fitness instructor / massage therapist once told me that the back part of my hips to thighs were very tight. But he said that tightness on those areas is usual for people who are into running.

From the repetitive heavy use of those muscles on those area during running, it’s expected that it gets tight. The problem with being tight is that it might snap after some time. Thus, they need to be relaxed and relieved.

To relieve tight muscles, he suggested to any of these: getting a massage, foam roller exercises, stretching routines that target your tight muscles, or yoga.

So I guess, unknowingly, my random yoga sessions helped in keeping myself off from getting badly injured.

So following is a sequence of basic simple yoga poses which you can do as your recovery activity after a run. This was shared by runner turned yoga teacher, Marie Panulde of PH Adiks running group. She started yoga because of a shin splint injury that seemed to not go away, and she ends up putting up her own yoga studio, which you can visit at:

Yoga Now Center
Unit 214 Insular Square, 6014 Mandaue City
Contact numbers: +639199902813/5112634/4207737

Tip: You can do each pose for 5 breaths (just adjust according to how much you can tolerate) before proceeding to the next. If you cannot do the whole stretch of a particular pose, just hold on to how much you can handle. For example in Triangle Pose, if your hands can only tolerate reaching out up to your knees, then just stay there. Later on, you will get more flexible.

Anjaneyasana (Low lunge)

It stretches the thighs and improves flexibility in the split legged position which is similar to runner’s stride. Its benefits are that it encourages fluid range of motion and helps in avoiding injuries like: plantar fasciitis, knee pains, and ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome).

It is also a good psoas stretch. A tight psoas which runs along the inner abdomen is one of the causes of back pain. (Psoas is the primary connector between the torso and leg. It’s the main player of the hip flexors muscles. Source: DSC01572 DSC01573

Triangle Pose

This pose stretches your side, and strengthens your legs.DSC01574Prasarita Padottanasana

This pose opens the hips and stretches the hamstrings. DSC01578

DSC01576 DSC01581Reverse Warrior Pose

It strengthens the quads, arms, and neck. It opens the chest and shoulders. It stretches the groins, hips, and obliques. (Source:


Pigeon Pose

It is a hip opening pose many runners use to stretch their hip, back and knees to improve flexibility and prevent injuries. (Source:

DSC01584 DSC01585 DSC01587 You can do as many sets as you like of this sequence.

Explore more about yoga at Yoga Now Center in Insular Mall, Basak, Mandaue. If you’re into running, this can be the best place for you as this is run by a runner. They have daily classes, and is open at 730am on weekdays, then closing at 8pm. They have Yoga for Athletes on weekends, and also free yoga on Sunday (8:30-9:30). For more information and detailed schedule, check Yoga Now Center facebook page here >>.

And, keep posted for more Yoga for runners from runner-yogi Marie!

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