Luzon to Mindanao Represent at Cebu City Marathon 2014 Carbo-Loading Party

Our tribute to all the brave runners who will be toeing the starting line of the Cebu City Marathon 2014 (Reopening of registration Jan. 8-9), more details here >>. For more special features & updates of CCM 2014, check out Sun.Star Cebu City Marathon 2014 Special Coverage page here >>, and runroo’s here >>.
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Quick Note: Race packet distribution will be open today at Ayala Active Zone. For more photos from the carboloading, check Welcome to all our friends from all over the Philippines and other countries as well! =) Here’s a quick roundabout of the Carbo-Loading Party last night at the Ayala Terraces. Probably the most affected person in the Cebu City with the scrapping of the shorter distance is Mayor Mike Rama. But he is not backing out. He is going to run in the 21K… but he said only up to 6KM, the usual category he used to run before in his basketball shorts. =) Proud to say that we have a Mayor who is a buckle-earner! (Buckle usually represents the 100-mile finishers in running.) LUZON With Doc Willie Estepa (TAD, Cebu) in his table are: Joseph Prince Baltazar, Cavinti, Laguna’s Sports-Tourism Ambassador (City to the Sky shirt); Team Soleus, more friends from Manila, and Victor Ting (City to the Sky Blue Shirt). Joseph Prince has been successfully organizing races at the same time promoting tourism in Cavinti, Laguna. His next upcoming race is City to the Sky Midnight Ultramarathon 60Km – Luneta to Tagaytay (Feb. 15, 2014), details here >>. He’s a runner (from fun runs to ultramarathons) and a triathlete, so definitely it’s a guarantee that his races are backed with his rich experience. DSC01611 Below are our friends from Lucban, Quezon. If you want to race in their beautiful province, they suggested that Tayabas is the more active in races like Quezon Marathon (details of 2013 edition here >>) which happened in September last year so maybe it’s something. Other upcoming races to look forward in Quezon province: G2P 50/50 Ultramarathon 2014 (Jan. 19, 2014), Quezon Color Run (Feb. 1, 2014). DSC01621 Visayas From outside Cebu City… Leyte And, so they arrived, our friends from Tacloban and others in Leyte. It’s just heartwarming to see them again. TOES and other friends from Leyte have been one of those who frequented Cebu and support our races so it’s nice to see them despite all the Yolanda crisis, they are here! DSC01634


Jade Abellana with TOES

The City of Smiles, Bacolod, represent. They’re probably one of the lively running groups last year. Charity, on the right, said that she might not competitively race yet this Sunday. But watch out for her in 3rd All-Women Ultramarathon (AWUM). By the way, a few slots is still available for 3rd AWUM, race details here >>. Doc Willie will be at Runnr later 5-6PM. =) DSC01622 Mindanao Davao Represent. Glad to see 2 faces from Team Kapwa. You could read on one of these guy’s CCM 2013 race experience here >>. They say that after CCM, their next planned race is TDR80 Ultramarathon (50 miles in Davao) this March 15, 2014, details here >>. DSC01593 CDO represent. It was nice to bump on some of the runners I run with at MAPAWA Trail Marathon 2013 (our race story of it here >>). DSC01615More from CDO. The girls here, I saw them RACED. They may just be here to chill, but still definitely to watch out for. Claire, on the left, is the 2nd placer of MAPAWA Trail Marathon 2013. Janice (beside Claire), was AWUM’s 3rd placer, and was in the top 10 of CCM 2013.DSC01628 From Cebu runners below and us, THANK YOU for coming! Pit Senyor! IT Park represent. Team Bombardier: they’re all workmates at Bombardier. DSC01619G6 represent, Carmelo Ouano. He’s the 2nd mile-logger at 2013/2013 Club. DSC016358/42 Rheb with GK runners, and others. DSC01596 Grace and her team. They don’t know yet what to name their group. DSC01610The young Team ARC. =) DSC01617 Cebu’s Sports Poster boys and girl: Noy and Amale Jopson, John Pages. DSC01630and many

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