8 Faces at #CCM2014 Race Kit Collection Booth

Our tribute to all the brave runners who will be toeing the starting line of the Cebu City Marathon 2014 (Reopening of registration Jan. 8-9), more details here >>. For more special features & updates of CCM 2014, check out Sun.Star Cebu City Marathon 2014 Special Coverage page here >>, and runroo’s here >>.
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Cebu City Marathon, for me, is always about the people. One of the reasons why I get to stick with running is because of the inspiring supportive fellow runners. Starting the year with CCM is like getting a dose of inspiration for the rest of the year, and it’s also a best way of welcoming other runners to Cebu! =)

So it was exciting to see familiar faces at the race packet pick-up of CCM 2014. Here are a few random sightings.

1. Why the change of route from Mango Ave. to the hilly Banawa? Joel Juarez, RD of Coco Running, said that when the AIMS was here for the measurement the distance of the route, they did not accept the Mango Ave. part because there were too much traffic of vehicle on the road. He said it took  almost 2 days of no-sleep doing the measurement as every time they missed a few meters, they really had to do it again from the start.

So one of the things that we should appreciate during the race that there were people who really took time and love to create the 42.xx distance. =)


L-R: Joel Juarez, & Tinago Captain Joel Garganera

2. Pose with the hot guys. They will be both making us safe and guard during the race day. Just make sure you soap your body with safeguard on race day.

Safeguard Hotties

Safeguard Hotties

Safeguard Hotties
CCM Marshals.

CCM 2014 Marshals

CCM 2014 Marshals

3. The comebacks. Some faces we or I have not seen in races for quite some time, and I’m glad to know that I’ll be “racing” with them this Sunday. They’ve been an inspiration.

Doc Abe Manlawe of Cebu Executive Runners Club (CERC) (left)


Edwin Colina, barefoot runner in shoes claiming race kit. According to him, his last race was SN 250.


Cora Quiamco and Cynthia Arnaiz (CERC). Watch out for their “veteran” moves. =)

James Go of Pocket Prints

4. Top runners. Bonifacio Monjas, champion of the recent Red Cross 143 Humanity Marathon, with his Team ADR.


5. My face.

Get some needed warm-up from Safeguard’s virtual race booth, and you will never forget to take a bath with Safeguard for the rest of your life. Plus you’ll get an exciting token! =)

Photo from the Safeguard photo booth!
IMG_8791Selfie with DJ. From the outside and unknowing, you would not know it’s some “boring” race kits distribution booth because it’s like “disco” complete with pretty Safeguard boys and girls!

6. Outside the race packet distribution booth, the husbands of ultra women. These 2 “naningkamot” registering for All-Women Ultra Marathon (AWUM) on the first day. They don’t want to be kicked out of the bed.

So while you’re there claiming you’re CCM 2014 race packet, you might as well drop by at Runnr for the AWUM registration. The count of registrations is probably in 112, and it was just early in the afternoon. =)

John Domingo, up and kicking again. Dennis Igloria, SalimuangRunner

7. Saucony. There’s a Saucony booth with discounts if you need or want some new footsies.


8. Scott Jurek’s face (not included at the race kit booth). On a side-bit, please share soon your Cebu City Marathon 2014 story or experience at aktib.ph here >>. Aside from inspiring more people, you’ll get this colorful belt bag, and a feature in SunStar’s webcast.


And, watch out for more faces, Daisy Batac (champ of recent San Carlos to Canlaon City Ultra) and Bonifacio Monjas (Red Cross 143 Humanity Marathon champ) in Sun.Star Cebu Marathon 2014 Special Coverage here >>.


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