2013 / 2013 Club: No One Is Sane

2013/2013 Club. A virtual group dedicated to runners who put their sanity on the line. A brainchild of Cebu Ultrarunners Club president Tony Galon with the following Club Rules with Ledoy Medoza contributions:


2. Must be at least 2013km within year 2013

3. You will be consider as Hardcore. If you can accomplish at least the required 167.75 km per month (5.6 km ave. daily) for 12 months. extra mileage from the previous month is not included or counted on the current month.

4. Short of the required monthly 167.75 km will automatically be considered as an Achiever.

5. You will be consider as an Achiever.  If you can complete the 2013 km till Dec 31, 2013, no required monthly mileage. Anybody can join the group and the take the challenge before May 31, 2013.

6. All events and training will be counted, but not including bicycle training, stationary bike training or any that is beyond running and walking.

7. The admin has the authority to kick-out any of the members who failed to follow of the above.

Initially the challenge was to commit to running a minimum mileage of 167.75 km per month totaling to 2013 km for the entire year but of course most of the participants seems to have lost their sanity early on as they ran beyond what was expected from them.

Mega mileage reached a staggering 117 km in one day set by Tony himself. If you didn’t fall off your seat with that then maybe perhaps the 645 km in one month set by Albert Tagaytay last June or how about 50 km in 5 consecutive days again by Tony? One has got to ask, where did they get all the energy to achieve that? IDK if you ask me.

PhilHealth Run 2013
Photo Credits: Albert Tagaytay

Photo Credits: Tony Galon

When I joined early January, I took the initiative to create a logging system — with sir Tony’s permission — for the mileage using Google Docs Spreadsheets thinking that all participants can see how everyone is doing but the agenda was to set a competitive mode for everyone. I was right with the rankings and graphs most participant went wild.

Log File (Online Spreadsheet).

I eventually got carried away with the excitement and the competitiveness of everyone and surprised myself by accomplishing 7 half marathons in 7 consecutive days not just once but twice. First in March which set a personal record of 354 km that month then followed in May. It was a hell of a ride but fun.

7 half marathons in 7 days

For some, I mean some like Jacob Ong used the club challenge as a motivation to train for his bid to this year’s CUC 100k Ultramarathon Leg 3 and totaled a staggering 255 km mileage for July that includes the whopping 62 km LSD training on July 6th.

Like I said, No One Is Sane. Would you think one is sane when he/she runs thrice a day? Would you think one is sane when he/she runs 8 to 15 hrs in one day? Would you think one is sane when he/she run’s 7 full marathons in 7 consecutive days? Would you think one is sane when he/she runs 50km ultra-marathon in 5 consecutive days? Well, sanity is subjective. These behaviors can be perfectly normal to most runners but dubbed as insane to some.

Join the club this coming year and unleash the dormant beast within and go completely “insane”. Who knows you might set a club record! Isn’t that exciting? Maybe not at first but it will feel a lot more exciting when the time comes.

The club’s journey will not end this year. The 2014/2014 Club FREE registration is already online here (http://goo.gl/R8mf4L). If you have trouble maintaining that euphoria in running sign-up and get motivated by your fellow 2014/2014 participant’s progress.

2014/2014 Sign-up Form

I’m leaving you with these 2013 statistics hopefully it motivates you for the 2014 challenge.

Club Records

  • Farthest distance in a month (645 km) set by Albert Tagaytay.
  • Farthest distance in a day [non-event] (117.54 km) set by Tony Galon.
  • Farthest distance in 5 consecutive days (251 km) set by Tony Galon (aka 5 Petals Ultramarathon).
  • Fastest to 168 km in the first 7 days of a month (169.88 km) set by Katie Villaflor.
  • Farthest distance in a year (4,626.85 km December mileage not included yet) set by Albert Tagaytay.

Hardcores. Those who completed 167.75 km or more per month.

Randy Labiste (3,307.39 km)
Lyra Valles (3,121.555 km)
Ezekiel Salvador (3,002.30 km)

NOTE: This list will change once all participant’s data has been logged.

Achievers. Those who completed 2013 km for the year.

Albert Tagaytay (4,626.85 km)
Carmelo Ouano (4,129.195 km)
Frederick Tupaz (3,431.579 km)
Joseph Delima (2,611.70 km)
Lmer Abing (2,576.46 km)
Joessie Delantar (2,541.23 km)
Dennis Igloria (2,453.779 km)
Mark Gadaingan (2,388.39 km)
Katie Villaflor (2,248.97 km)
Tony Galon (2,244.384 km)
Steve Hermosa (2,208 km)
Andy Tunacao (2,199.195 km)
Laurence San Gabriel Jr. (2,118.245 km)
Ermin Pepito (2,062.167 km)
Grace DioCampo (2,050.205 km)
Richard Ytac (2,019.386 km)

NOTE: These information are as of December 31 12:17 pm which will change after the participants completes logging their mileage by December 31 11:59 pm.


Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and a fruitful running year in 2014.

“Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome” 

― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly



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