CUC Goes to San Remegio for Pasilungan Project

Volunteerism in building shelters for super typhoon Yolanda victims.


Don’t think that we just gather to run a long mileage or more than 42K. But we can gather also as one through a volunteerism, cause after a wrath of a super typhoon, their is Cebu Ultrarunners Club(CUC) who is ready to risk everything just to save others.

November 30, 2013 | 8PM – Orvin / Uphillrunnr Dfive texted me that they are heading now to Minglanilla to load the items from Minglanilla National Science High School(MNSHS). These items are donated from the PTA of MNSHS(plywoods, hammers, nails, axe, pliers, bara de kabra, tarpualines, lamparilya and medicines). At 11PM we are done, we park the truck at my place(home) cause we have enough space and it is safe also.

December 1, 2013 | 3AM – “CUC South Members Assembled at Minglanilla” We wait in front of St. Cecilias School. The first Carpenter Runners arrived are from Carcar City, Archie Alvarado and Gian Paulo G. Cavan. Sir Tony Galon and Dominic Panimdim arrived also. We are good to go now, and we are heading to fetch Mam Lulu Valiente and company.

The south people is now heading north to fetch the other volunteers.

4AM – After we fetch Mam Lulu(with lots of bundles of joy for US and for the Norte) , we go to Total Gas Station Mandaue (G6 Hideout), where Joseph Delima and company is waiting. And the last volunteer to get is Engr. Frederick Angalot.

Engr. Frederick Angalot with lots of water for Norte.

We are ready now, fully loaded…

Little by little presence of mr.Sun can be felt.  There we can view the damage of ST Yolanda brought to Norte. From worst to most worst, habang pa Norte na kami or to the tip North of Cebu more trees fallen, houses with no roofs and headless coconut trees.


This is 6AM, 2 hours to go and we will be there in San Remegio.


We arrived 8AM at the  Tambongon Elementary School in San Remegio Cebu, we immediately pull-out our things to the truck and prepare for a breakfast.

Mam Lulu is soo good that she prepared for us a “Lugaw” or Pospas.

We are very blessed cause we are very welcome in there place. They prepare us food for our breakfast.

They prepared us hotdog, tinula, hipon and fried fish.

After we eat we prepare na to digest those foods.

Mam Lulu in action. All they do their part to make this event a successful one.

Joseph’s group own this water station, they wreck and put a sturdy(?) roof. 🙂

Me and Joseph.

This is now the finish product! Chadan! Dominic Panimdim to the rescue.

If you like our work, please contact Sir Tony for appointment. Just prepare lots of dukot, kay hurot na ig human sa work. heheheh..

Sorry it’s blurry, as you can see their is a new roof installed, we did it. We changed the old roof na damage na.

From the snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Thank you teachers of  Tambongon headed by their school principal Mam Teresita Monisit.

Morning Snack(Camote Cue and Royal).

Lunch is served. Lets pray first!


Afternoon Break, lami ilang Biko. 🙂

After our mission we turn-over these things we bring;

• 10 hammers
• 10 pliers
• 10 Axe
• 10 Bara de Cabra
• 10 steel measuring tape
• 10 wood saws
• 10 plywoods
• (est.) 60kgs of nails
• Medicines (first aid, for cough, fever, runny nose) and Vitamins for kids
• Mineral Waters
• Used Clothing
• Canned Goods
• Tarpaulins
• Lamparilyas

It was received by Mam Teresita Monisit.

Mam Teresita  distribute some goods to the carpenters who volunteered to help us.

Hand salute to these Carpenters! They help us to rebuild those 3 rooms.

The CUC Volunteers and Teachers of Tambongon, San Remegio School.
All together we can make things happen.

Special Thanks to:

Minglanilla National Science High School PTA
MRC (Mandaue Runners Club)
Vice Mayor of Carmen – who allow us to used their Elf Truck.
– Though the effort of Mommy Lulu, Sir Tony, Sir Dominic, Sir Orvin, His Wife Mam Rheza, Bro Gian Paulo, Archie, Mam Nora Malig, Mam Nora’s daughter, Mam Josephine, Mam Brenda, Sis Sean, Akemi, Akemis friend, Bro Joseph, Bro Nicart, Bro Nilo and Engr. Frederick Angalot.

Yolanda may change or destroy our structure but not who we are. Filipinos are indeed a hardworking one, loyal to its country and give a smile in the midst of problems. Time for us to rebuild those houses, give our share how to help our co-countrymen cause there is rainbow after the rain.


Mam Teresita told me also that the Dep.Ed will deploy 50 Computers to their school, but they are still finding funds for 50 monoblocks and computer tables. It is required for the Dep. Ed for them. If this dream will be come true, then it will be their first time to have computers.
You can directly contact her through: 0921-580-9138

 Time to Say Good bye to Norte for now: It was 5Pm when we leave San Rem, a little bit tired but fulfilled.

We leave a big smile to them! Until next mission guys! 🙂

So dri nalang kutob akoang istorya, hangtod sa sunod mission guys! Soon in Bantayan Island…..

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