Cheers to Milo Nat’l Finalists: The Top Winning Finish-Line Runner Looks

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This coming Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013, is the MILO NATIONAL FINALS. This is where runners will have the chance to run alongside with the best runners of the country. This is where the best runners have the chance to prove their selves in the national scene, and a step to represent the Philippines in the Olympics and international racing events. So let’s cheers for all our Milo National Qualifier running friends.

Special shout-out to qualifiers from Cebu! =) Race it like Yolanda — strong from finish to start!

Left to Right: Noel Tillor, Bonifacio Monjas (story here>>), King & Queen John Philip Duenas & Mary Joy Tabal, Rhoda Oporto, Jezerel Bagz, and more that I missed.

Photos from Reynan Opada (Noel Tillor & Rhoda Oporto), Jason Dorado (Jezerel Bags), Dani Jaro (Bonifacio Monjas)

Photos from Reynan Opada (Noel Tillor & Rhoda Oporto), Jason Dorado (Jezerel Bags), Dani Jaro (Bonifacio Monjas)

Following is something to, hopefully, relax our Milo Finalist racers in their most awaited event of the year! Cheers!

No two humans are alike, and this can be confirmed by the looks of the runners reaching the finish line of Milo Eliminations – Cebu Leg. Each has their own “winning” finish-line looks!

So following are top “winning finish-line looks!!!”

Constipated Look

That one big push to relieve yourself.

Super Hero 

Insert “I believe I can fly. I can believe I can touch the sky!”


Finally I can taste my victory!


Please pinch me! Have I really reach the finish line? Please tell me I’m not dreaming!


Or maybe beach-ing… Forget every thing except my sunnies.



Yolanda, tama na!

I had fought a good fight!

May Himala

Am I witnessing an apparition?!

Let’s do Sign of the Cross to that!

The Tourists

The finish line is a tourist spot, we should have a picture of it.

So this is what a finish line looks like!


Di kita iiwan sa paglakbay…

This is a Race Bib?!?

The Triathlete

Cycling – check. Visor – check. Shades – check. Tri shoes – check. That perfect running form – check. Triathlon event singlet – check. Pouty lips – check. Knees high – check.

The Effortlessly Looking Good

Don’t hate me ‘coz I’m beautiful… after running 21K in 6min/KM.


Raise Your Hands

That first day of class your teacher checks for attendance, “Raise your hand if you’re present, students!”

“PRESENT, Ma’am!!!”

Teacher: Students, you can just raise one hand, okay!

Student: How about peace sign, teacher? Peaces!!!

Peace to everyone here in these photos! You are all amazing!

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