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Top Runner Stories

For month of October, our top stories were all from Milo Marathon. Both are about victory, while one is about cheating. This shows how we strongly feel about victory (especially of first-time victories), but also how we strongly feel (against) cheating.

Title: My First 21K Was a Running Inception
By: Giovanni Ruiz

“…that unmistakable feeling you can only feel when you’ve won a great victory against yourself.”

Photo from Antit del Rosario / Philstralia &

Other top runners’ stories for October, 2013:

Title: 37th Milo Marathon Cagayan de Oro: We Made it Through the Rain!
By: Earl Bolivar

“My slowest Milo 21K was the sweetest! I ran along with my wife from start to finish and helped her make it to the finisher’s medal cut-off. Hallelujah!”


Title: Someone cheated in 37th National MILO Half-Marathon Elim
By: John Paul Villamor

“Cheaters not only disrespect themselves but the entire running community. Other People may think that that Milo medals is no different with other running medals since everyone can get it even without or totally no training by means of cheating.”

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