Surigao Runners Club (SRC): Creating New Wave in CARAGA Region

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Siargao it UP!

Surfer dudes with ripped abs are probably the first thing that would come in your mind when talking about CARAGA Region because of Siargao.

But a new wave is coming; short-split-running-shorts-wearing dudes are currently adding to the surfboard-wearing beach bodies scene.

Photo from Robroy Reyna

And, this was started by a group of runners, the Surigao Runners Club. They are probably the first local group to organize a half-marathon in the region. Though Butuan City has been the host of Regional Elimination of National Milo Marathon. But Surigao City through the Surigao Runners Club came up with the first half-marathon (21K) running event this year 2013, Silangan Surigao (Half) Marathon 2013 last May, which was then followed by more 21Ks  not only in Surigao, but also in other CARAGA cities.

Read on more about this new-wave maker of CARAGA Region, Surigao Runners Club, written by Ava Maria Villareal, a member of SRC and who just finished the recent BE Warrior 50K Ultramarathon. Aside from running and training for triathlon, Ava also runs her own media company, and is a contributor of Our Mindanao Weekly NewsMagazine / This article is originally published on Vol. 2 No. 12 of printed Our Mindanao Weekly NewsMagazine. This is re-posted with permission.


If you cannot view the image, below is the text version:

Surigao Runners Club: Caraga’s trendsetter in running and other sports

in Surigao City

They say the best runners come from Kenya. if that’s the case, a place that aspires to become a prime spot for running, triathlon, and other related sports should lure in dark- skinned, long-legged, skinny professional Kenyan runners.

Caraga, a region known for its mountainous and rolling hills and landscapes, has a way to do that. Surigao Runners Club was founded last October 17, 2012 with Atty. Ingemar P. Macarine as its founding president. SRC, as it is popularly known, aims to promote running as a sport and to encourage healthy lifestyle practices among the people in Surigao Del Norte and its nearby areas.

The club is currently composed of 50 members who come from different fields and professional backgrounds yet unified by one common interest: the love for running.

A year later, SRC has successfully organized several runs that had caught the attention of runners from larger cities such as Cebu and Manila. The region’s unique terrain of sloping mountains, challenging trails, and the picturesque scenery brought about by its pristine beaches is truly a sought-after experience for runners and running enthusiasts.

Some of the runs organized by SRC were RedTieRun1“ARun for AIDS A wareness” for people to understand the need for social action to prevent AIDS proliferation. Another was the Surigao Silangan Marathon, a half marathon that aims to protect the Surigao River from extinction. Proceeds of the run went to reforestation along the banks of the Surigao River.

(The Surigao Runners Club (SRC) in partnership with McDonalds Surigao held a gift-giving activity for orphans at the Residential Center for Streetchildren in Brgy. Anomar, this city after it was able to generate support in the July 28 McDonalds Run for the Orphans-Surigao. Photo courtesy of src)

The third run was the McDonald’s family fun run whose proceeds helped provide 26 orphans in the Brgy . Anomar , Surigao City orphanage some of their basic necessities.

These runs are expected to continue year after year, supporting these various causes, with SRC in total control.

In fact, SRC is currently on the planning and preparation stage for the Red Tie Run 2 which will be held on December 1, World AIDS Day.

The club is also preparing for what could be another first for the region: Caraga’s first full marathon 42K race in May 2014. This is SRC’s way of showcasing Surigao del Norte’s potential to become a running capital in the south.

When asked about the club’s long term goals, Atty . Macarine replied: “SRC aims for Surigao del Norte to become a prime spot for running and triathlon events and to make it at par with Davao and Bukidnon and even Cebu.”

With SRC’s founding, a couple of other clubs were formed in the region — the Butuan Runners Club and the Tandag Runners Club. “We set the trend for running in the region since we have seen the real potential of the place for the pursuit of running and even other sports. We have already proven it in terms of surfing,” Dr. Jaimenito Go, the club vice-president quipped.

SRC is also the mother club for Caraga’s first triathlon group, the Surigao Multi Sports. The group is primarily composed of Surigaonon triathletes.

Both SRC and the Surigao Multi Sports intend to provide an avenue for sports enthusiasts to pursue their passion and interest.

With this, it’s not for long till Kenyans would be able to appreciate Surigao and Caraga’s terrain and warm welcome.

Ava Marie is a Surigaonon writer, poet, traveler, running enthusiast, and an online entrepreneur. She runs an online company with an American partner. She also aspires to become a triathlete someday.


I would like to thank big time Ava for sharing this with us, and for asking the permission for us to repost this. Thank you also, Mindanews!

A little backgrounder: We were workmates years ago in a publishing company. She was a writer / editor. I was in the customer relations. She always appears to me as the intellectual type over the sporty type. So it was a big surprise when I saw a pic of her running a 3K fun run, then she was running everywhere until she came to Cebu for the BE Warrior Ultramarathon. Thus, I was able to catch up with her, and bugged her for the above article.

SRC’s Ava on the left

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