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Top Runner Stories

Title: What’s your ultimate 2013 running goal ?
By: Xandi Ente of Team Kubal

“I happen to answer a question posted in Runners World facebook page something like ” what’s your ultimate running goal this year ? ” simply i replied ” to run my first 5km barefoot backwards “. One question lingered then ” could it be done? “

Photo from Xandi Ente

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* Why ur not part of d’ Ghetto? by Gra Jing

“just feet crashing on d stream and d street side wilderness…
That just wouldn’t b right.. Bukidnon’s scenic view is awesome!”

* Newbie Runner at 21K rank 800 by Ang ZaMorato

“i just come natural and just run and keep running nothing to lose but if you can’t run keep walking and finish the race….”

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Photo by Dustin Mijares

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