Product Review: Ivi-ry Good Preimum Collagen Night Cream for Active Girls?

Gretchen Bareto had been calling me repeatedly on my phone, and I though, “Oh my God, she’s going to invite me to her zumba class again.” But then this time she talked about a different thing. She said, “Girl, I’m so excited I want to share this new beauty product you will love?”

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And I was like, “Girl, I’m beautiful. Thank you.” And she insisted, “No, no. You getting old, close friend, you better listen to your forever young friend. I have this new discovery: Ivi Premium Collagen Night Cream, designed to moisturize & repair your skin while you sleep. A Collagen infused night cream that is rich in anti-oxidants. It will smoothen skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles to give you a soft and youthful complexion.”

And, I asked her, “So ano ngayon?”

“Don’t be sarcastic ha. ‘Di ba you love Japan, and your idol is that ultramarathon runner guy Tsuyoshi Kaburaki? This Ivi product is from Japan, girl!!!” Gretchen replied.

“So that can make ma race the Ultra Trail Mount Fuji?” I jokingly asked her.

“Girl, isa ka na lang. Well, maybe. But for sure, your kutis will be as smooth as Kaburaki’s legs. Harharhar!” Gretchen made hirit to me. “But truly, this product is Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen mixed with exotic Japanese ingredients formulated to give you smoother & younger-looking skin. It also has Egg shell membrane, which is a good source of collagen as well, helps repair damage skin cells when applied.”

Tsuyoshi Kaburaki (Photo by Brett Rivers)

“You had me at Tsuyoshi Kaburaki. Sige na nga, let me try it!” I told her. “I’ll let a friend bring this to you. I’m so excited for you na talaga, girl. This will be your moment to shine. Bye, girl. I’ll  make attend my zumba class na.” And, so Gretchen put her phone down.

On a serious note, a friend who is into running and dragon boat sports shared this Ivi Collagen Night Cream product to me. Since she’s into running, I gladly accepted to use it.

I really was a facial creamer user before. But for some reason, when I got pregnant and after giving birth, the creamer product that I’d been using since college just stopped working on me. It was giving me skin breakouts. I stopped using it, then tried it again to see if it would work again, but still it’s giving me pimples. So I tried using other products from pricey one to cheap ones, and nothing fits me already.

So I thought that maybe my body hormones changed after pregnancy, and somehow they just negatively react to beauty creams. That’s why after a long time, I never given any thought of using facial creams. Until my friend gave me this IVI cream.

I was hesitant at first because I do very long runs, and so heat exposure is something I will never avoid just so I could be pretty. And, she assured me that since she also runs and dragon boat, it just works fine with her despite too much sun exposure. And, she looks glowing since the last time I saw her so maybe this one is worth trying.

So here’s my before and after:

Just kidding you, guys! =) It’s been just a few weeks so I can not really show you much yet. But one thing is great because it’s not giving me breakouts! And, most of all, it works perfectly fine even if I go on a much very long run under the sun’s heat!

So for active girls who love sun, you can try this Ivi night cream. It’s available at Mercury Drugstore and Watson’s at Php 1,250. You can check more about this, and their other products at their website, and like their facebook page



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