Sept. 28-29, 2013: The Weekend That Was in Photos

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A new marathon record of 2:03:23 was set last Sunday at Berlin Marathon 2013 by Kenyan Wilson Kipsang. A good 15 seconds was slashed from Patrick Makau’s 2:03:38 record in Berlin 2011. New Names. New Faces. Meanwhile in the Philippines, new names and faces are also getting the championship titles of the weekends’ ultramarathons in the Visayas. The Warrior 50K Ultramarathon 2013 (rate or share pic/ experience here >>). Consistently Warrior Ultramarathon has new female champion every year. This year, she is Jinggay Lugay.

Jinggay Lugay (Photo from Cebunow Rey P.)

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Cebunow by Rey P., more here >> * iCapture, more photos here >> * Lasang Runners, more photos here >> * Michael Ocana : Sports Photography, more here >> * Reynan’s Pics, more here >>

While in the male category, the past 2 editions, we had seen Noel Tillor’s name as the champion. But this year, a new name emerged as the champion: Joelindo Lopera of Nocturnal running group.

Joelindo Lopera (Photo from iCapture)

1st Aklan 50K Ultra Marathon (rate or share pic/ experience here >>). An Ilongga triathlete, Cheche Magramo, won the female championship of the said race. Not new to the ultramarathon scene, having won the 2nd place of the Guimaras Ultra 50K.

Cheche Magramo, Litz Tupas
(photo by John Domingo)

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* John Domingo, more here >>

Ivan Villalon is quite known to champion ultramarathons in Western Visayas. Recently, he is the champion of 1st Negros Occidental 73K Ultra Run & NEGROS OCC. ULTRA MARATHON ( 50k). Maybe due to successive ultramarathon races that he was unable to get the championship title of the 1st Aklan 50K. First timer in ultramarathon, Fredie Songcog of Bugasong, Antique, took the lead from the very start of the race, and making an Antique-non became the champion with a time of 4:21.

L-R: Mark Anthony (3rd) & Fredie Songcog (1st champion) from Bugasong, Antique

Winning Streak Holiday Gym & Spa (Cebu) Run to the Max 4. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>) The top trio female from the recent Milo Eliminations in Cebu: Mary Joy Tabal, Christy Tutor, and Sandra Soliano are on a winning streak when they top again (same ranking to Milo) in Run to the Max 4.

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* Reynan’s Pics, more here >>

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* Yendys Pics, more here >>

Top L-R: Christy Tutor (2nd), Mary Joy Tabal (1st), Sandra Soliano (3rd) (Photo from Reynan Opada)

37th National Milo Marathon – Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Leg. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>). After Cebu in 2012, Juniel Languido is making another Milo Eliminations championship round in CDO this year.

“29-year old Languido, who posted won last season’s Cebu qualifying race, clocked in at one hour, 12 minutes and 39 seconds, beating fellow Bukidnon…” read on for full story at runners’ wall: Press Release: Languido, Cadion top CDO MILO marathon qualifiers.

Juniel Languido, Milo CDO Leg 2013 Champion (Photo from

Back-to-Back Meanwhile in Bacolod City, it was back-to-back of fun runs. Fit for Faith. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>)

Photos at: * BlackLord Studios, more here >>

Photo by BlackLord Studios

L’fisher Hotel’s 2nd SeptembeRun 14-Miler 2013. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>) Bacolod City’s street got filled with runners in costume, zombie, and a dash of color run.

Photos at:

* Point & Shoot by TQ, more here >> * SKT Digital Productions, more photos here >> * Benz Custodio Ruiz, more here >>

Photo from Point & Shoot by TQ

Special Mentions We cannot leave out these races with special causes. United We Run ’13. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>) Tacloban City has no weekend without fun run.

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Photo form Matyu Sur

World Heart Day Run. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>)

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Photo from Ron Onz

Run for Mama Mary. (rate or share pic/ experience here >>) Photos here >>.

Photo from Run for Mama Mary

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