(1)Varsity of His Own: Jobert Carolino

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Jobert Carolino has been a Milo Finals qualifier for three consecutive years, with his best qualifying time of 1:14hr. Though he has already recorded a 1:11 time for another 21K race. This year, he will be again taking a shot, not only in qualifying for the national finals, but also to make it to the top in the Manila Finals.

Following are “races” of a talented relentless runner.


“Sige ko’g hilak nagdagan. Bahala’g mamatay ko ani… basta maluwas lang ako igsoon nga nagtinga.” (I was crying while running. I don’t care if I would die… as long as my dying sister will be saved.)

It was only a 5K race, which was nothing new to Jobert Carolino, a constant podium finisher of local races. But it’s one of his races that another person’s life depended on it. His sister was having complications while giving birth that she needed to be placed in ICU (intensive care unit). But the hospital would not place his sister in the ICU without money for deposit. To save his sister, he simply could not afford to lose the race whatever it would take.

2nd placer, 5K category Prycegas International Marathon

Jobert seems to live his like a series of races, in which he needs to fight and struggle in a battle before getting that victory.  Armed only with his talent in running and a it-will-not-kill-me confidence …,

sometimes, he gets victorious…

Finished Race: Formal Education

He was hoping that with his talent in running, he could get a varsity scholarship to get him through university. But unfortunately, getting a varsity scholarship required more than talent in running. He was relatively a new runner when he went to university that he had a hard time getting the attention of the school’s officials. Failing to get a scholarship, he quit after finishing one semester in the university for lack of funds.

While an out-of-school youth, his time was spent either on helping his father in their farm or joining races. He event got a stint to represent his province in the Philippine Olympic Festival.

Until an opportunity to be enlisted in the Philippine Army was presented to him in 2009. A military official, whom he considered a friend at that time, took him to Cebu and promised to help him get into military training camp. But instead of getting a physical training from the military school, he was physically abused by that official, whom he thought he could trust.

This time, he literally ran away to save his life. With just Php 30 in his pocket, he did not much have options. But instead of feeling hopeless, he took it as a challenge that he could really make it on his own.

He found a temporary shelter by sneaking into Abellana’s bleacher with his cardboard as his sleeping pad. Despite being almost homeless, it did not stop him from pursuing his dream of getting a formal education.

But this time, he stopped relying on getting a scholarship or help from others to put him through school. He said he no longer wanted to bother other people with his needs. He took the matters into his own hands… or feet. After a lot of thinking and plotting his plans on how to finance his education, he calculated that he needed to save for a year. So for a year, he tirelessly raced every weekend, and save his winnings so he can enroll to a 2-year course, Computer Programming/Technician.

After many years, Jobert finally reached the finish line of this “race.” He graduated last March this year 2013 with a varsity scholarship… from his self and his running.

While, he is victorious in his goal of getting a formal education. He still has another goal which he has been racing for a long time that is still quite elusive. And, he sets that this year, he will have to take that risk or else, it will be forever stalled.

Find out what is that Jobert’s goal in our next post.

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