Enduro Leg 4 Group Hug: Thank you, ‘Bai-kers, Sponsors, Support, Mountains, and all!!!

On behalf of Adrian “Wagee” Walag, thank you and group hug to all who helped him out in putting up the Enduro ta ‘Bai Leg 4 – Cebu.

Team Big Ring, and Tom Micheal Tan were his constant dates for scouting the trails for the route, and beyond. If you enjoy or curse the route, credit goes to these lovely brothers.

Team Big Ring (Photo from TBR)

On this mission, Wagee would also like to thank his sponsors, until next time:

Cebu Bionic Builder Supply. Inc. For Wagee’s home fixtures and building construction supplies and assistance, he trusts Cebu Bionic Builder Supply because aside from their quality products, they advocate green living. Plus, finding supplies and shopping is convenient thru their website http://www.cebubionic.com/.

Wagee especially likes their bathroom packages, view here >>. It’s always nice to come home and have a great bath after a long bike ride!

Creative Cuisine Gourmet Group. For coffee and pastries, Wagee goes to Kaffee Alde. For parties, he wants to be invited to those that are catered by Creative Cuisine Catering Services. When he wants to fulfill his cravings for Chinese food, he visits Big Mao. For a good old “humba” dish and Filipino foods, he take a ride to Chika-an. With Creative Cuisine, you got all covered.

Photo from Creative Cuisine

Photo from Creative Cuisine

ELETE Eletectrolytes. When Wagee goes out for a long bike ride, he is not afraid of losing important electrolytes needs like potassium, magnesium, sodium, and chloride because of ELETE Eletectrolytes. For your ELETE supplies and other sporting gears, you can check Blue-b Tradioandsons here >>.

ShutterSpeed Sports Photography. To look best in his action pictures, Wagee loves to be photogprahed by Michael Ocana of ShutterSpeed. For more photos of Enduro ta ‘Bai Leg 4 – Cebu, check ShutterSpeed Sports Photography album here >>.

Photo from ShutterSpeed Photography

Pauldp Graphics & Designs. The marshals during the Enduro race were wearing beautiful IDs from Pauldp, who happens to be a biker too (story here >>.) Race bike numbers were also stunning, courtesy of Pauldp Graphics & Designs.

Photo from Pauldp

Orange Brutus.  If lechon is the life of the party of Cebuanos, Orange Brutus is something like Cebu’s comfort food: the burger steak with their mango shake, and chocolate cake monster, and more. Wagee loves to go there on a friendly dates, a quick snack before or after a movie date or something. They also deliver as fast as Wagee rides.

(032) 422-8000 for Orange Brutus Delivery Contact number

(032) 422-8000 for Orange Brutus Delivery Contact number

V12 RADGEAR. Wagee’s bike rides are made more enjoyable and comfortable with V12 RadGear extreme sports apparel: tech shirts and shorts, jerseys, and also custom apparels, and more. For a better riding experience, get one or more V12 RadGear apparels available at Habagat outlet shops, or contact at RideCebu shop.

“It’s not just biking, it’s an experience.”

Tabléa Chocolate Café. Wagee is a chocoholic. He’s happy to have Tablea, owned by triathlete Aya, in Cebu. After a cold ride from the mountains, it feels good to have a fill of warm sikwate (chocolate drink), or champorado. Tablea Cafe can be found in malls of Cebu: Ayala, JY Square, J Centre, SM, and others. They also make great pasalubong!

Tablea Goodness

Tablea Goodness

RCTV. It’s REAL CEBU TV, at channel 36. Wagee keeps updated with what’s hip and happening in Cebu by watching RCTV.

StickerWorld. Marketing the Enduro event was made easier for Wagee with the help of StickerWorld’s printed marketing materials. For your marketing materials needs and other printing needs, get sticky with stickerworld.


Radical Ads. The Enduro printed materials got even more pretty with the help of Radical Ads. For your stickers and signages made with attitude, check Radical Ads.



Enduro event will not be an enduro event without the riders. Wagee is sending out the biggest hug to everyone who came and ride from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! Following are random photos of different groups and individuals we found shared on the web (I might missed on a lot of teams and individuals.)

Luzon represent!

7-Eleven, Dirty Crankers

More photos of Enduro ta ‘Bai Leg 4 – Cebu from Dan Enriquez here >>

(Photo from Dandansuy Enriquez)


Photo by Jason Dorado


Photo by Jason Dorado
More pics at aktib.ph. Simply claim it for a high resolution.


Photo by Jason Dorado


Photo from Dan Enriquez


Photo from Jason Dorado

Mountain Bike Bataan
Retarded Monkeys
Bike Campers
Papi’s Ride
Crest Pursuit

Visayas Represent

Mt. Panamao Bikers

Photo by Jason Dorado

Cebu Trail Blazers

Photo by Jason Dorado

Team Big Ring
More photos from Chyrel Gomez here >>

Photo by Chyrel Gomez


Photo from ShutterSpeed

Cebu Riders Photo by Jason Dorado

Team OZ Racing Lifestyle

Photo from ShutterSpeed

Mindanao Represent

More Enduro Cebu Leg pics at ShutterSpeed Photography here >>. Feel to order high-res copies from them.

Photo from ShutterSpeed

More Enduro Cebu Leg 4 pictures at AttackMTB page here >>

Photo from AttackMTB

And to everyone not mentioned above, come again!

Photo from Dan Enriquez


Wagee would like to send out virtual kisses as a sign of appreciation for the volunteers during the race day:

Basecamp Recreations – give them a like here >>
UC Nursing Students
Mrs. Cabanero
Cebu Trail Runners

Photo from AttackMTB

Photo from Cebu Trail Runners



Photo from AttackMTB

Photo from Dan Enriquez

Special habal-habal support:


Photo from Chyrel Gomez

And, another special thanks to Trail Riding Cebu of Wagee for their emotional and spiritual support.

Photo from Trail Riding Cebu

A lot of people have most probably been missed out as Wagee is still groggy from organizing and working at the same time. To those he missed out, group hug again to you!!!


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