Cebu Bike Routes: The Perfect Ride by Wagee

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This past weeks, we’ve been sharing Featured Bikers of Cebu for the Aug. 25, 2013 bike races, see here >>. This time, as a goodluck to a good friend, Adrian “Wagee” Walag, the Race Director of Enduro ta Bai! 4th Leg of Enduro Pilipinas Series, we’re sharing the following article from CareSharing’s monthly newsletter. In this article, the RD shares his favorite Cebu Bike route / trails.


Wagee Walag, our Systems Admin and Production Team leader, shares his top 5 bike trails for all you cycle kids out there. As of late, he’s been very busy organizing the Enduro ta Bai! 4th Leg of Enduro Pilipinas Series which will be held here in Cebu. If you’re looking for some biking adventure here in our home, you might want to hit these bike trails.

1. Sibugay Trail

Starts near the chicken farm in Brgy. Pungol-Sibugal and ends in Sitio Biasong, Borbon. This trail is one of those nice all-mountain trails in Cebu. It has a steep single track, rock gardens, fast descents and slow technical ones too! Also, if you are not too careful, you will get your shoes wet at the very least. The worst thing it can do to you is a crash. This is a very nice route since each time you pass it, it will always test your skills. It requires you to pedal, to push and to ride flow-y and steep technical sections. If you want to do a warm up for a very technical trail, try this one first. It will acclimatize you to any other steep trail.

2. Taptap-Kamandagan Trail

This starts near Cremdec for the long one, or near the Taptap gym for the shorter one. The trail is fun, fast and technical. It will lead you to the old Taptap school in the middle, where you will be required to climb 300 meters to the entrance of the trail to Kamandagan.Both trails are abandoned baranggay roads, except for that 300 meter climb. This trail has a flow-y, rut-filled, and fast track. At the end is also a step 10-meter long rock garden that is such a blessing from Mother Nature. Be ready with some fast corners, roots and rock gardens here. This trail teaches you how to put your body in the right position when hitting obstacles.

3. Sirao to Kan-irag Trail

This starts near Sirao peak and passes through the abandoned Kan-irag golf course. This track is flow-y and fast. Good for beginners and for those getting a quick adrenaline high. The part that passes through the golf course has a very nice view if your care to stop. You may end at the volleyball court, or you could try the stairs that go through a few houses down to a waiting shed at the bottom.

4. Gaas Trail

You start at one of the highest parts of Balamban and end up near a lake in Toledo City. The trail is the ultimate all-mountain trail. It involves pedaling, pushing, and riding steep single tracks. It is also quite long being around 8-9 kms. And when you reach the village beside the lake, it is still 50 kms to go for you to get back home.

5. Arcilla Road

This is on Brgy. Guba Cebu City. It is a steep road that goes from Brgy. Guba to Brgy. Pulang Bato. I like this trail because you have to climb around 10 km up to Guba but you could go back down to Pulang Bato in 15 minutes. Just be careful of habal-habal or motor scooters in the blind corners, though. This is one of my quickest shot of an all-mountain trail that’s very near my house.


I have only 2 bikes left, aside from my girlfriend’s mountain bike and my daughter’s BMX. I got an Iron Horse 6 point for riding the mountains. This bike is heavy with a geometry that’s pedal-able, but my mountain biking skills are still not at par with what it can do. I also have a Kuota K-Factor, a triathlon bike. This is the lightest that I have built at 8.5 kilograms, but I’m still struggling to look sexy when I ride it with my fat tummy. If these beauties can talk, they would be saying nice things about me because I ride them both often. It’s like having two girlfriends that are okay with it. LOL!


Photo credits: Sibugay Trail, Taptap-Kamandagan, Sirao-Kan-irag, Gaas, Arcilla Road.


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