Pre-or-Post-Marathon-Race Things to Do in Panglao, Bohol

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This year’s starting area / finish line, St. Augustine Church, Panglao Town Plaza, was last year’s turning point for 21KM, while the 42KM made a loop around the island. As an unsolicited advice, it’s very best to stay at a walking-distance away from the starting line because the transportation fee rates in Panglao Island, which is mainly habal-habal (motorbike for rent), can be unreasonably steep for a stingy person like me. And, if you’re a regular 5KM runner, you might feel injustice when their asking price is P80-120 for a good 5KM on a flat asphalted road especially when you look touristy. But on the other thought, hey, it’s not at all bad as you are contributing the local economy; it’s just giving up one milk tea or coffee. (If you want to go around Panglao-Tagbilaran, you might consider renting the motorcycle (no driver) for P500-600 whole day. Note: This was last year’s rate.)

And to another set of unsolicited advice, following are things you can check while you’re there in Panglao Island, Bohol.

1. Tsokolate / Sikwate / Tablea (Chocolate Drink from Cacao Beans)

I believe Bohol’s tablea concoctions should get an equal attention as of those of Peanut Kisses and Kalamay. It’s a staple drink in their restaurant menus as how coffee is for Davao. All the tsokolate drinks I tasted served in different restos are equally good.

You can drink it al-fresco with a view of the sea under a tree at Cafe Lawis.

Cafe Lawis is operated by Shrine of the Our Lady of the Assumption in Dauis, Panglao. They say the place used by Cafe Lawis is the old convent of the church, which was turned into a cafe with souvenir shop.

If you’re joining the Bohol International Marathon, it’s somewhere in the 42K turning point area.

Photo from Honee Balingcasag

If you want a more romantic-setting, you might prefer drinking your tsokolate at night. They offer different cacao-based concoctions, like souffle, which you might want to add to your chocolate drink too. =)

Photo from Honee Balingcasag

If you want a cultural experience, mix with locals kind of feel, you can go to any of their Public Market. When you’re in the public market, just ask around, and most probably, you will be directed to a line of snack stalls who all offer tsokolate / sikwate. They don’t disappoint! =)

These pics not taken in Panglao Island.

And, get a “puto” (rice cake) to go with your “sikwate.”

2. Malunggay Ice Cream in Cab-Cab Cone from Bohol Bee Farm

If you don’t feel eating the raw versions of plants being grown in Bohol Bee Farm, you can go for their own-made ice cream.

They offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors. And, yes, you can also get your “tsokolate / sikwate” fix there too. They also have their own-made cone which is made from cassava flour, which is locally called “cab-cab.’

Photo from Rose Marie Flores, 21K Finisher 2012 =)

Bohol Bee Farm also has a bakeshop, bottled spreads, and a lot of other stuff from their own cottage shop. In Panglao Island, the Bohol Bee Farm is probably located around 15KM away from the starting line of the Bohol International Marathon, Panglao Town Plaza.

3. Pose with a Pair of Tarsier… slippers

Or, better yet buy tarsier… slippers! If you’re one of those tree-hugging activist who thinks caged tarsiers are not animal-friendly, this might be a great substitute. You can find these “designer” slippers at Alona Beach, which is probably 5km away from the starting line of Bohol Marathon 2013.

I’m referring to the slippers as tarsiers, not the human. =)

If in Tagbilaran, you might want to check a restaurant manned by deaf staff, Garden Cafe.

Photo from Honee Balingcasag

Inside the resto, you might wonder why it’s interiors are designed like it’s pub for cowboys. According to the literature inserted in their menu, the owner was originally from Nebraska or was it Montana. He observed that Filipinos rarely can travel to other places, and so he thought of bringing a western-themed restaurant. Though, they serve local delicacies.

I could not really think of a dish to suggest. But you should visit it to experience ordering your food via phone. Yes, you will order via phone, which will then be served by deaf staff.

And, don’t forget to read the “An Old Farmer’s Advice” pinned near the comfort room at the 2nd floor of Garden Cafe.

“Every path has a few puddles.” – An Old Farmer’s Advice

Goodluck to all the runners and people behind Bohol International Marathon 2013. Enjoy the path! Splash through the puddles!

Photo by Julsan Photography from Bohol Marathon 2012 fb page


We collated announcements from the organizer regarding race kit/packet pick-up, briefing, and transportation service in the “Stories/Comments” section here >> for your reference.
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