Top Runners’ Stories for July

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“If the truth of our running is that in our ‘moving’ we find ourselves, then running is the gift that allows us to know ourselves deeper.” Ultra Distance Runner Lizzy Hawker

Then, telling running stories is a way of sharing that gift.

Thus, we thought of making the posting/sharing of the top stories in a monthly thing, which we started last June (see here >>).

And, as our little thank you note, we’re giving visor to contributor of the number 1 story of each month. We love to give everyone a visor but we are quite low on budget (hopefully, only for now!). Once when we’ll be rich as Pacquiao, we’ll have a “run for visor” where everyone will get one even without running! =) So for those asking, how to get an visor, simply share a story with us at (How to get visor? More details here >>.)

Without further ado, here are our top stories for July!

Title: My First BGC to Makati Run as the King of the Road
Race / Running Event: Adidas King of the Road 2013
Shared by: Roger Andre Aguilar

Photo from Roger Aguilar

Photo from Roger Aguilar

Other top runners’ stories for July!
* BISYO by Eumir Nalda

“Anu ba ene nga bisyo,
hin-o ngani an nagpa-uso?
Magasto ngan makapoy,
Waray man kuno benepisyo.” – Read on here >>

* of Torn Compression Pants, Coke Soaked Socks, Sockless Second Loop and My First Ultra by Maria Christine Colmenares

“So, I am happy to say that I survived my first Ultramarathon despite the lack of proper training and preparation. I must admit that it wasn’t an easy one. In fact, it was a painful one, but I will gladly go through all that again because the sense of fulfillment after completing this foot race is beyond comparison.” Read on here >>

Thank you to all, January to July! Please, more to come!

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