Why my story?!? R399… LIVE YOUR DREAM

Event: R399 – Year 2, Aug. 10, 2014 (Details >>)
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Pregnant, menopausal women can run

“Why my story?!? I’m no elite runner. I’m no fast runner. I’m not that experienced. I’m not popular.”

This is the usual reply I would get every time I asked a runner or an athlete if I could write about their story, about their running or sports. And, I always find myself stumped. Yes, why would I like your story?!? I perfectly know the reason, but I’m having a hard time articulating it.

Until, I read Dr. Humility Igana’s invitation to R399: A Run in Memory of Ramie (details here >>). R399 was Ramie Igana race bib number when he joined the Cebu Ironman 2012, as part of relay team. It was his last ride of his life. Nevertheless, it was epic! Read on story from Armie Garde here >>.

“…Ramie was not a fast runner, never even tried a podium finish nor a sub-5 marathon. But, he represents most of us who shared the same passion for running and saw the positive things it did to him. He tripped & got a wounded knee on his 1st 5k last July 2009 but it didn’t stop him from running longer distances. He was courageous enough to take risks. He found inner strength in the sport and realized that he was capable of so much more than he thought. Ramie made running an enjoyable part of his life.

We all have dreams…Ramie lived his dream!”

Screenshot of Doc Mity's Invitation

Screenshot of Doc Mity’s Invitation

So, please remember R399 if next time you will ask why would I or others would bother with your story.

The “R399… LIVE YOUR DREAM” is a celebration of Ramie, in time for his death anniversary. Thus, R399 is a race that celebrates all the Ramie’s in us, the one who takes the courage to chase their dreams. All categories (3k/6k/12K) will have a finisher’s medal as a token of appreciation that you simply rock!

Join this simple celebration of life, details here >>.

Photo posted on CUC FB group by Tony Galon

Photo posted on CUC FB group by Tony Galon

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