Dan Palces’ Cycle(pedia) Journeys

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This coming August 25, 2013 is Daanbantayan MTB XC Race (details here>>). One of the men behind this event is Dan Palces, which is more than an organizer, but also operates a bike shop, and most of all has a big passion for biking.

Daanbantayan sunset
(Photo from Dan Palces)

Let’s get to know how his passion for running, biking, triathlon brought him to different kind of journeys.

Journey to Escape

Dan Palces started running in 2010. Running became his first passion. It was only in 2012 when he got into biking. Having his fiancee having to be away for awhile, he needed something to help him escape the agony of missing his loved one. And, so he found his escape in a BIKE.

And, it’s inevitable then that he then got into triathlon, with the help of his fiancee’s cousin Ralph Sios-e. He became part of HARD MULTISPORTS TEAM via his friend Franz Fortich.

Photo from Dan Palces

Journey of turning passion into business: Cyclepedia

Cyclepedia (more info here >>). While other runners, bikers, and triathletes go further into becoming better at their respective sports, and see opportunities in competing on races. Dan Palces took a different turn: he put up Cyclepedia, a bike shop for bike parts, accessories, mechanic needs and other multisports-related services located in Lilo-an, Cebu.

It was not an easy decision at all. But then just like in a triathlon or any kind of race, he knows that the harder the route, the more satisfying the journey.

“Putting up a bike shop was really not my first choice, I had plans of putting up a restaurant or gasoline station. But I fell in love with bikes, and being a biker, I saw that there are a lot of things that I could do in providing a better service and experience to us, bikers. It’s an area where I believe I can contribute most.” Dan explained on how Cyclepedia started.

(Location: Bag-ong Dan, Lilo-an, bike shop just near the boundary between Consolacion & Lilo-an, Cebu. Contact # (032) 238 7806)

Photo from Cyclepedia

As they say, “it’s not the bike; it’s the biker.” As a runner turned biker turned triathlete, Dan knows that he has to give more to the bikers than just the bike and its blings.

Cyclopedia, bike shop, Lilo-an, Cebu

Cyclopedia, bike shop, Lilo-an, Cebu

Park & Bike. Cyclepedia is offering their parking space to any bikers who wish to park their car, and bike to north.

Being new in the bike shop business, he was keen on listening from his customers and so with other experienced people in the bike industry.

“It (Park & Bike) was the idea brought up by Chris Aldeguer and Michael Flores, owners of Vellum cycles. Since most of the cyclists prefer going north, they can skip biking through the city traffic by loading their bikes to their car, park at Cyclepedia, unload their bikes, and off they go cycling. I don’t mind any of the cyclist, whether they are my customers or not, they can still park in my shop. It’s a small favor anyway.” Dan explaining their Park & Bike service.

And, while you’re biking up north, you can drop by HILLSIDE BAKERY & RESTAURANT in Carmen, which is of his fiancee’s.

Journey of Community: Daanbantayan MTB XC Race

Aside from joining races, his biking passion sees another opportunity: organizing a race. It’s another contribution he can offer, not only to the bikers, but also to the local community. Biking is a perfect way for people to experience the nook and crook of a place which are hard to access by cars; plus, it does not need much building of infrastructure, which can disturb the nature. And, in a way, bikers are also able to help the economy of the local community by just being there, and be an inspiration to the onlookers.

Daanbantayan MTB XC Race (details here >>) . The coming MTB XC Race to happen in August 25, 2013 will be the second time for Daanbantayan to host this kind of event. Dan planned to do a triathlon event, but time is not in his side this year. So he opted to continue what his triathlete friend, Luis Loot, had started last year.

“Daanbantayan is my hometown. This is the place where I first learned how to bike, and got my bruises. I also wanted to help my hometown; by bringing in some people who are not familiar with our place, it would help them see that our town is a perfect outdoor getaway: from the beautiful beaches in town proper, to the islands, and to our undiscovered countryside views and trails.” Dan explained why he picked Daanbantayan for his MTB XC Race.

Photo from Dan Palces

Dan’s cycle journeys show us that aside from getting fulfillment from the longest distance, the roughest road, it can also come from a good escape, business, and giving back.


Now for some rough journey, join Daanbantayan MTB XC Race!!! You’ll never know where your bike will bring you to!

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