Last Night, they were briefed! Tonight, they will unbrief their BALLS!

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Following are random snapshots of the race briefing og Leg 3 CUC (Cebu Ultrarunners Club) 100KM last night at Ayala Active Zone, Cebu.

On the left side are the organizers busy going thru their documents and whatnots. It was Joel Garganera who was on stage at this moment. The man who could not fail to make a boring race briefing become lively. And, the rest are the runners, friends, and family. There are 204 officially registered to Leg 3, which, I think, has the biggest number of runners of all the legs.

Why the number soared in Leg 3? Does it mean the tougher the route, the more runners want it?

There are the different 40 running groups who are taking the Leg 3 CUC 100KM challenge (as compiled by Dok Willie): Aegis Runners, Aginod Runners, Ayala Triads, Bohol Runners Club, Carcar Kagumkum Runners, Cemex Runners, Dagan Caritas, Danao City Team Ultra, Davao Sunday Runners Club, FRC, G6 Runners, Igat Runners, Indie Runners, Kyocera Runners, Lear Runners, MAC Runners, Marathon Maniac, Minglanilla Sugat Runners, Nocturnal Runners, NRRC, Parklane Runners, Shangrila Runners, TAD Runners, TCRC, Team Arthro, Team Cebu City Jail Runners, Team Cebu Striders, Team Davao Runners (TDR), Team Ek-ek, Team Hardwork, Team Laspag, Team Malaysia, Team Safari, Team Sousha, Team Titans Davao, TOES-Tacloban, TTB, UCRRB, Ungo Runners, YYKredit Runners.

Following are few groups and runners at the race briefing:

TOES running group, Leyte with Jade Abellana. Other girls would definitely miss a good fight from this girl.  As for this time, she will be in the race as a supportive running partner. =)

Jade Abellana with the TOES

Ultrarunners Club of Davao. When Titans and TDR are in one force, you will get an eagle! It would be futile to fight against them, thus, your only option is to reckon with them!


The good old homies. If your aim is to have fun during the race, and finish it, these are the faces you should pace with. These are the old-timers of ultra races. Though Doc Neil (right side) can be more of a challenge to keep up as he can run ultra races fast.

Team Safari, Indie, UNGO

The Ayala Triads. Because “Korean peace sign” is too mainstream, they invented a triangle sign! =)

The organizers, and also runners. They probably don’t need any introduction. From left to right: Dok Willie, Jacob Ong of Kai Running Sandals, Cora Quiamco, Mom Lulu. You’re in good hands! =)

NRRC (North Road Runners Club). Go, neighbors! =) Make Sta. Lucia / V&G running ground proud! The only girl in this group this time is Precy Sanchez, the 3rd placer of Leg 2. The group who owns the championship titles of inaugural ultra races in Cebu (except for a few).

Cebu Trail Runners. I hope they will reach the mountain part of the route before the road will melt them! =)

 Indie Runners. It’s sad to NOT see Romil Garces, the Indie father, due to injury. This group has runners who will be completing the three series, aside from having the Leg 1 male and Leg 3 female champions. Story of group here >>.

The Muse. Gabby of UNOG said he’s last running practice was the 5K Hunat Sugbu. He’s been concentrating on buffing up his core strength.

3-Peats! Angelie Durano and Dins Domingo, grand slam finisher of all the CUC 100K series! =) Don’t be deceived with their gentle looks, they’re lioness on the roads!

G6’s Bet! Carmelo Ouano’s going to hate me already if I say he’s one runner to look forward to in top 10! =) In pic, Carmelo on left, Nicart on center, and Yaz Soon, that guy who gets you drunk at the Total Station area aid stations.

Dagan Caritas. Kumbati! Their story here >>.

More pics of the race briefing here >>.

Goodluck everyone! Let your balls flatten Cansamuroy!!!

The firs time I experienced running in TCH, I felt I was dump into a washing machine: gikuso-kuso, gi tuyok-tuyok, gipug-an, ug gi palo-palo pa jud! So if you feel like quitting, just imagine nang laba ra ka, naa ra gyuy kahumanan ang tanan! Rinse and repeat! (Advice from DNF-er of TCH races)

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