CUC 100KM Leg 3 Top Males Forecast: The Twins Face-off

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Runners’ progress during the CUC 100K Leg 3 race can be tracked live at This race tracker is created by Joel Cuyos, SN250 champion.


CUC 100KM Leg 3 route gets tougher, and so are the runners! And, predicting who will be going to be on top is also becoming tougher!

Here’s our fearless prediction for the top males of the Leg 3. (For the females to follow.)

TWINS FACE OFF: Jieter Bada & Andy Tonacao

With these 2 being the only runners who are able to record a sub-11 hour finish for CUC 100K series, the Leg 3’s male champion spot can be a race between the Leg 1 and Leg 2 champions, Jieter Bada of Indie Runners (Leg 1) and Andy Tonacao of TOES (Leg 2). (Check a story of Jieter Bada here >>.)

It’s hard to draw the hard line between these 2 as who will finally emerge as the champion: as performance-wise, they could not be too far from each other; and look-wise, they can be mistaken as twins.

Jieter Bada & Andy Tonacao (Photo from CUC 100K Page)

With this, it can be a standard that whoever will want to race for the top places of Leg 3 may have to be the triplet or at least look like these 2 runners. This is probably the DNA of CUC’s champions: fast, fierce, dark, and…

Photo from Michael Ocana & Byran James

Photo from Michael Ocana & Byran James


Ronan Gonzales of Team Laspag. Ronan came in 5th in Leg 1, and 4th in Leg 2. It’s just natural that by Leg 3, he will move up to the 3rd place. The tough route of Leg 3 may give Ronan the big break to make it to top 3. With their team’s secret training ground, Danasan, Ronan can just smile away the steep uphill in Cansamuroy, Balamban.

Photo by Reynan Opada

On a serious note, following are the runners we look forward to be in the top 10 line-up.

Archie Alvarado of Kagumkum Runners. He landed as the top 2 of Leg 2, and being in Dok Willie’s list of top bets, the race to top 3 will not be easier with him.

Photo by Reynan Opada

Armando Linoran of TAD (Toledo Adik sa Dagan). TAD runners are known to be very good at uphill running. Thus, the tough TCH (Transcentral Highway) can be an advantage to this TAD runner who has been consistently in the Top 10 of Leg 1 and 2.

Photo by Reynan Opada

Carmelo Ouano of G6. A top placer (8th placer) of the Leg 1, but he was out in Leg 2’s top finishers because he was still nursing an injury from being hit by a motorbike in one of his road races. Pushing thru Leg 2 despite the injury can say a lot about the grit and foolishness of this runner. But seeing him in top 10 at the 1st TDR Ultramarathon can mean that he’s back in top shape again to claim a top spot this Leg 3.

Photo by SideRoom Studios

Bruce Ranola of TDR (Team Davao Runners). Being the 3rd placer of 1st TDR Ultramarathon, and that he came from a group (TDR) who required their members to run that uphill route of Toril-Eden, and that he came from the province who has the highest mountain, we just have to give in to this guy. He probably has the right to say that running TCH will just be another day for him.

Bruce in Orange singlet.
Photo by Joanna Christina Lizares Co

Rowell Cabardo of TDR (Team Davao Runners). He’s not a first-timer of CUC 100K series. His Leg 2 race result was not stunning. But his recent ultramarathons performances are showing him placing consistently in the top 10, 8th placer of TDR Ultramarathon and 6th placer of Bohol 50 Miles; getting into top 10 in an ultra in Cebu can not be that hard to get.

Photo by Rinen dela Cerna

Jake Liarta of Cebu Trail Runners. Well, he can be a close triplet to Jieter and Andy. =) He got into top 6 in the last Leg 2 after a disappointing Leg 1 performance. With his tough training in the trails and mountains in between, it’s not hard for him to get into top 10 again.

Photo by Richard Bernante Anania

Melandro Cuyos of NRRC (North Road Runners Club). He may not be a close triplet to Jieter and Andy but then he’s from NRRC, the running group who owned most of the championship titles of inaugural ultra races in Cebu, he could just not be left out in this list. But on top of that, he has always been a top placer in the ultra races.

Photo by Lucille Ruiz

This list has been inspired from Dok Willie’s bets.

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