Dagan Caritas: Running with a Cause

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Running and its disciples:

Takas Bahay: His house is this world, and he is often out of this world.

Kent Ryan Lampago – Takas Bahay

Ramon Fernandez III: He comes from this world.

Ramon Fernandez III

Van Helsing: The vampire hunter hunting his own self.

Jovahn Ybanez aka Van Helsing

Icon King: By law of nature, it’s logical he be called the Icon King.

Adrian Sabanpan aka Icon King

Catchme D’sprinter: Boys, goodluck on catching her.

Adelita Ore aka Catchme D’sprinter

Knee Lai: Because she loves her knees so much.

Nila Lampago aka Knee Lai

Ireneolive: Soon, she will be the queen of a popeye.

Irene Oliveros aka Ireneolive

Xinevirtucion: Xine as short for Christine, X for Christ, then Virtucio for her maiden name. Xine is read as “sine as in sine cosine.” Or you can call her “Sign,” maybe.

Christine Virtucio Colmenares aka Xinevirtucion

Fioretti: He loves little flower, and St. Francis of Assisi.

Lito Manayon aka Fioretti

Indie: Because he’s indie-niably hot!

Henrey Madrigal Aquino aka Indie

Nlieds: The Star Wars character Nabrunlieds was created after his moniker “Nlieds.”

Alexander Lim Jr. aka Nlieds

Renz8: Because he loves his name and number 8, and so he combined it and formed a nick he could easily remember.

Renato Abellar aka Renz8

Quirkychinita: Because she’s quirky and chinita. And, she’s the wonderful illustrator of all these portraits!

Iris Ignacio aka Quirkychinita

I’ve often wondered whether runners tend to be better people on average than non-runners, because it does sometimes seem this way. The truth is, though, I don’t think this is necessarily the case. Instead, I think that all people are inherently good people, but running does a huge part to help people to be closer to this reality. People who have a daily practice like running tend to be healthier, more grounded, and happier. It’s not that better people are attracted to running, it’s that running generally does a really good job of nurturing the goodness in people. – Geoff Roes, Good People.

This can be the case of the running group, Dagan Caritas. They may have different personalities from the most behaved (ehemmm), serious, to the most rowdy (ehemmm), but they are bonded together by running, and made it stronger for their believe (and taking action on it) in their cause: of charity.

The above photos are the members of Dagan Caritas, a running group in Cebu. Originally, they thought of naming their group Dagan Undas, as their group was founded on All Saints Day (Undas means Saint.). But they realized that the last living Saint, Mother Teresa, is already in heaven. Definitely, it’s not yet time for them to be in heaven. Instead, they opted to perform the actions of being a Saint, in their own little way by giving back.

The group was founded by 10 online friends in the istorya.net forums (Cebu’s first and best online forum): Iris Ignacio, Nila Lampago, Ramon Fernandez III, Adrian Sabanpan, Renato Abellar, Alexander Lim Jr., Chelito Manayon, Jovahn Ybanez, Henrey Aquino, and Kent Ryan Lampago. They had been running together in fun runs merely as beginners.

In November 1, 2012, four of the founding members of the group decided to meet up to lay the foundations of the group. It was a hard decision but they made it to make their stand as runners committed to run with a cause. (Source: Dagan Caritas)

Photo from Dagan Caritas

Memorable Moments

Their firsts…

1st Charity outreach, Balay Samaritano

1st Get-together, Christmas

and, every run they do together is a memorable one.

Cebu City Marathon 2013

RR making a PR for 25KM, Run for Bebe

Labor Day Coast to Coast 2013

DC girls can do it long and steep, story here >>.

LSD – simulation run of Leg 3 CUC 100K

Part of their training, they do weights-lifting too with a cause…

At Gasa sa Gugma, for another group’s outreach event

Favorite Playground

Aside from istorya.net, they can be frequently found on the IT Park to Busay to Ayala Heights route, and Budlaan route.

Here’s a video of their group run at Busay from Iris Ignacio. More videos from her youtube here >>.

Both their favorite playgrounds are known to be popular uphill routes in Cebu City. Thus, no wonder that 7 members of their group are fearless enough to join the the Leg 3 of CUC 100KM, which will go thru the dreaded Cansamuroy uphill.


(Video of their 2 recent ultramarathons they joined: Sundown Bohol Ultra Marathon, & Labor Day Coast to Coast.)

If you share their love for running, charity, challenging routes, and wish to be part of Dagan Caritas, feel free to message them at their facebook page here >>.

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