Leave No Island Un-Traced: CUC on Tour Visayas Leg 2 Goes OMG (Olango My Getaway!) Ultramarathon

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After the successful Leg 1 of CUC on Tour Visayas in Camotes Island (find more stories of Leg 1 here >>), Leg 2 will be held at Olango Island, Lapulapu City. The Olango Island may be smaller than Camotes Island, but definitely will not come short in fun.

Finisher’s Token for CUC Visayas on Tour Leg 1 Camotes
(Photo form Johnny Salinas / CUC)

Olango is more popularly known to be a bird sanctuary, it’s the getaway for migratory birds. But during the press conference last June 28, 2013, there are more to this island than bird-watching. (The 3rd leg will be at Bantayan Island.)

Here’s a quick guide and what to expect from this event:

1. Getaway or Ultra-run?!?

“You can have both, running and a getaway.” With the full support of the local tourism office of Lapu-lapu City, headed by Hembler Mendoza, coordinating with Olango residents, they will provide the getaway, while the CUC provides the run.

Photo from Jonji Gonzales

The Lapu-lapu City Government’s tourism office recently launched an eco-tourism project for Olango, which they called OMG for “Olango My Getaway.” More about OMG:

The Olango My Getaway, fondly called as OMG, is a community-based eco-tourism by the Lapu Lapu City government which aims to provide income to the Olango Residents and highlight the many talented residents of the town and its products.

via Budget-Friendly Summer Getaway in Cebu: Olango My Getaway OMG Tour | Saving is Sexy – Saving and Budgeting Tips.

Bits of OMG will be offered to the runners during the ultramarathon.

For those who wish to take the full OMG (Olango my getaway!) tour / trip package, more details here >>.

2. Should I bring hydration or not?!?

Following is a video of Olango My Getaway, which is a culinary tour on bike.

But for CUC on Tour Visayas Leg 2 Olango ultramarathon, it will be a culinary tour on foot. Each barangay will prepare their local delicacy (for sale). From lapulapucity.gov.ph: Culinary Tour on Bike, aside from sa-ang, following are delicacies you can expect from each barangay (NOTE: May vary on race day):

Brgy. Sabang (Lamaw)
Brgy. San Vincente (Salvaro)
Brgy. Sta. Rosa (Pan Bisaya & Corn Coffee)
Brgy. Talima (Sea Cucumber Kinilaw)
Brgy. Baring ( Puto Balanghoy)
Brgy. Tinggo (Saang/Spider Shells)

So there will be no problem with hydration, just make sure to please BRING MONEY to buy from the locals. Aside from being hydrated, you’re also hdyrating the locals’ fund for more projects to come. =)

Also, Be Resorts will be donating gallons of water for the event.

The route will follow the 25K route of the culinary tour on bike, but runners will run 2 loops to make it 50KM. But most importantly, the road will be closed.

3. How to get there?!?

Boat ride fee is Php 13-15. You can get a boat ride to Olango near Hilton Hotel, Punta Engano, it’s popularly called Hilton wharf / pier.

4. Accommodation, place to sleep?!?

I don’t know if you, runners, still need to sleep. But you can bring a tent with you. They will allow you to put up tents. Tents are also available at City Hall of Talima.

5. IMPORTANT FOR GIRLS: Comfort Room?!?

As there will be coordination with locals, residents are making their restrooms available for the runners. There will be signages pointing to CR along the route.

6. What other things to do in Olango?

BIKING. Bikes are available for rent in Olango for those who wish to get around the island, but probably NOT during the race.
ISLAND HOPPING. Olango Island group has other 6 islets around it: Sulpa, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Pangan-an, and Camungi (source: driftwoodjourneys.com).

But to put a twist on island hopping, you can trek to one of the islands, Pangan-an, when its low tide. This is according to Ka Bino Guerrero, consultant of Lapu-lapu City tourism.

Photo from snipcebu.com

BIRD WATCHING: Bring a binocular with you to go bird watching in Brgy. San Vicente. Though, peak migration of birds is between November to February, but you’ll never know what birds you will find.

MANGROVE WALK. Brgy. Tunasan offers a mangrove walk and shell picking, which you can also check.

More of what to do and how to go around in Olango Island, read here >>, another from laagannacebuana here >>.

7. How to join the CUC on TOUR VISAYAS Leg 2 – 1st Olango Island Ultramarathon Eco-Adventure?!?

For only P600 plus a used singlet (singlet will be shared with Olango friends), you will get to run around the island, make merry with the islanders, runners, and birds, and receive a medal, and be a part of CUC (Cebu Ultrarunners Club) if you’re not one of them yet!!!

You can register at Runnr in Ayala, Cebu. If not, there will be on-site registration at the starting area in Bgry. Talima, Olango.

More details of this race here >>.
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