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A litte backgrounder of this post. This short interview may be a bit of stale already. This was intentionally made for the 50K Petal Ultra Series (June 1-5, 2013), 5 straight days of running 50KM/day (250KM in total), of Tony Galon. It was in the hope that we’d be enlightened as to what was the 50K Petals about.

50K Petal Ultra Series

But I never got a reply from Tony right away. Not until, I saw him at SN250, which took place last June 14-16, 2013. (South to North 250KM ultramarathon was a 250KM ultramarathon race, from down south of Cebu, Santander, to up north Bogo, which was to be done in 48 hours.) When I saw him during the race, he apologized that he was not able to give feedback right away because he needed to finish first the SN 250KM race before he could answer all my questions.

Good thing, he finished the SN 250, and even placed in the top 5. Or, else, we’ll be waiting for him to finish another 250KM ultramarathon straight run before we could have this post.

SN250 Finisher’s Buckle (Photo from Tony Galon)


What’s the story behind 50K Petals, 50K for straight 5 days?

It was designed as my training to feel the closest that I can get for the SN250, of which I was planning to participate.

You’ve been to a lot of races and different kind of trainings, are there still new lessons you learned from your 50K Petals?

It’s unique one because you need to wake up constantly for days, and to think you need to run more than a marathon distance. You need to discipline yourself and adjust your usual sleeping time because of this series of days that you need to run.

You consistently finish each petal somewhere in 8 hours, was this your strategy?  (For details of the time of Tony’s 50K Petal Series, you can check the pic below..)

I used 1-1 (1km run – 1km walk) interval. When I run, I make sure I am somewhere in 6:30 or 6:00 pace and try to walk as fast a possible on the kilometers that I am fresh. I also tried the 2-1 (2km run – 1km walk) interval with walk as relax as possible, but it showed that the 1-1 is much effective with fast walk.

Stats of 50K Petal

What was or were the biggest struggles in finishing the 50K Petals?

The 3rd day was the hardest. For the first 2 days, I brought my backpack as I was also planning to do self-support on SN250. I carried everything that I need: including the dry shirt, underwear, slipper, gel, liniment, etc. I was also wearing shorts on the 1st and 2nd days.

But on the 3rd day, I did not bring my backpack; I used compression pants and a long sleeve compression. My body felt unusual on the first 10km, but I did not have my liniment with me so there was nothing to relieve my uncomfortableness. And, I also no longer wanted to go back and change as I was afraid that the heat would later crashed me, and I would not be able to finish my 3rd day. I tried to wet myself for the rest of my route going to Consolacion and back to Minglanilla. Luckily, I survived.

Are you planning to join a multi-stage day race? Or are you planning of organizing one? (Note: This interview was made before the SN250.)

I love to have the multi-stage day race. If time permits, I will make one for Cebu Ultrarunners Club.

With your experience from the 5 petals, if you were to choose between a 250KM multi-day race or a 250KM 48-hour, what will you pick? What do you think is difference between doing a multi-day race or doing it non-stop?

I would prefer the multi-day race. It’s more relax than the 250km 48-hours.

What are your next major races for this 2013 that you’ll be joining?

CUC 100k Leg 3. It is tough because of Transcentral Highway. I just can’t imagine to do it again after my 360 version way back Feb. 3, 2013 (story here >>). The hard part of the CUC 100k Leg 3 is that, you already have 50km run, and yet you need to pass the Transcentral Highway killer uphills.

At the end of any run or race, what are you most thankful of?

God for giving me courage and strength, my wife and kids, family, support crews (if any) and running friends and supporters.

Photo from Dennis Igloria


Photos of Tony Galon I was able to take from early part of the SN 250 race:

IMG_3073 IMG_3085 IMG_3107 IMG_3146 IMG_3147

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