Running’s Gift to a Father: Quitting

Fathers are like running. As the saying goes:

Ask nothing from your running, and you’ll get more than you ever imagined. — Born to Run

Like running, fathers are great providers. They give without being asked. And, they give without expecting something in return.

Elmer Abing is one of the running fathers, who pound the streets earlier than anyone in the morning or later in the day so as to be able to do the daddy and family duties. But this young running father, who is known as Sharky of his group Team Safari, takes being a provider to a different level. He takes on running to provide a good role model to his son — of valuing health and going after your passion.

And in return, running has been giving much to him even when he just started running a year ago, March, 2012. His gifts from running are: patience, determination, and quitting.

He realized that he has so much patience and determination in him, which helped him finish races from 21KMs to ultra-distance races, and especially to continue on his most importance race, fatherhood. But another great gift he received from running is quitting — quitting from smoking.

Thus, being a father is not only about giving, but also of knowing what to give up. And, Eoughan must be lucky to have a father who knows both.

Elmer “Sharky” Abing of Team Safari

Happy Father’s Day!!! To all the fathers out there, you might want to claim the gift of running! =) It’s free and guarantee that your child will be proud of you.

To Sharky, goodluck on your next big race, CUC 100KM – Leg 3!!!

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