HUNAT SUGBU 3, Dagan Para ni Maning: Running Event for Runners BAI (Parklane) Runners

(BAI Parklane Runners is the name of the running group of employees of Parklane Hotel (Cebu, Philippines), the organizer of Hunat Sugbu.)
Running event: HUNAT SUGBU 3: DAGAN PARA NI MANING (June 23, 2013)

Hunat Sugbu 4 – RUNUEL – June 22, 2014 (REGISTRATION OPEN, more info >>)

HUNAT SUGBU 2015: RUNUEL (June 21, 2015), more details here >>

I arrived late at the press conference. It was already the Q&A portion, and the question being asked was if there would be any chance that they will be increasing the number of slots from 2,000 to maybe like 3,000? And, I was like, wow, Hunat Sugbu is really such a big running event!!! (NOTE: 5K category is already sold out. But they’re opening it again due to public demand.)

I had not joined the previous editions of this run yet so I really do not know why it’s big, and what’s with it. I broke my promise to myself to run this last year, but hopefully this year, this will be it.

I want to run it, not because it’s a big running, well-attended, flawlessly organized event in Cebu as lauded by others; but because it’s a race that I could really say it’s a running event for the runners BAI the runners, because:

BAI Parklane Runners run. Like, they really run, all sorts of run. As the name of their run suggests, “Dagan Para ni Maning,” it’s a run dedicated to the late Manuel Ting, owner of Parklane Hotel Cebu. It showed that all the people in Parklane run: from the owners to the bosses, and to bosses of their own. You’ll see them in fun runs, trail runs, marathons, ultra races, and in some faraway runs, and up to triathlons.

I Shall Return Ultra Marathon at Tacloban, Leyte Photo by John Domingo

Bai’s water station / support crew is the best. Hydration Pro-tip: If you want to run an ultra race, and you don’t have a support crew, you can do some spying and know if Bai Runners will run it. If yes, you will surely be hydrated. =)

(This was during the 1st 100KM race in Cebu back in 2011. It was also the 1st time I encounter Bai Runners.)

Bai Parklane Runner’s Support Vehicle, you might want to keep an eye
Photo from Barbie Patino

In other races, especially on long distance ones, it feels extra reassuring when you know there are Bai Parklane Runners joining it. Because you know, you’d be taken cared of. You can always ask help from them: from water, ice, sponge baths, massage, and a cheer from their group. And, I’ve been a constant abuser of their generosity.

If you can rely on them on other races, how much more on their own organized race, Hunat Sugbu!

Bai Runners inspire by doing. They just don’t quit. I call myself lucky to have a chance of witnessing them, especially the beautiful female runners, relentlessly pushing to the finish line despite all odds. You won’t hear them whine. And, despite seeing them at a very low point, they won’t fail to give you a cheer. With those, you could not help but feel inspired.

And, when you’re following beautiful and smart runners like these, you will get inspired. =)

Bai Runners, AWUM 2012 Photo by Reynan Opada

Here’s an inspiring story, The Run of My Life >>,  from Annabelle Dinoy, a mom, ultra-runner, Parklane executive, and cancer survivor. Read on her story here >>.

Bai Parklane knows how to make you a swag runner. Admit it, some of us join this because of the swag-ness. =) I can’t blame us; a race with well-thought designed singlet and medal are rare to pass-by.

Parklane has a talented artist and an ultra marathoner in Ervin Limpag (Find a story of him, That Poster Boy for Running: Ervin Limpag, read here >>.). Thus, he knew how a runner would feel having a nice shirt and a medal to be proud of. Thus, he’d give you a shirt that will give justice to your awesomeness.

Shirt & Medal as presented during the press conference at Parklane Hotel Photo from Hunat Sugbu Page / Ervin Limpag

A Run Guided by a Runner’s Spirit. As they say that all runners go to heaven. Thus, we’ll be assured also of a heavenly support from Bai Maning.

So Dear Boss Maning, please give me a 2:45 finish! =)

Maning Ting Photo from Hunat Sugbu page

Here’s a video, “Why do you run?.” Know the reason why these well-known Cebu runners run, and be more inspired!


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