The G-Runners: thru milk teas & fake race bibs

Let’s get connected Need an inspiration on how to start running and going into the longer-distances? Here’s a story of 3 young professional girls who juggle work, family, relationships, and their little craziness of pursuing running from 5K to their soon first longest-distance race of 25KM and beyond. (For those wanting to join half-marathon distance races, here’s a list of 21KMs Philippine running events 2013: 21K Luzon >>, 21K Visayas >>, 21K Mindanao >>.)

Hearing the running-group name “IGAT Runners” mentioned by Jade Abellana (8th placer female), during the Cebu City Marathon 2013 awarding, inspired a group of 5K runners that maybe it’s about time to name theirs. So that when they’ll get a podium finish, they’ll have a group name to give to the host. So before the event ended, their group, which is composed of 3 girls, was baptized The G-Runners.

The G-Runners: Niña, Glendy, Belle
Photo from Glendy Frasco

While a lot of friendships have been born from running, which may be the case with most running groups, the The G-Runners have been bff’s way before they found running. Thus, they quite know each other very well; they described each other as Niña as the moody, Glen as the jolly, Belle as the “Kikay.” 

Glen, Belle, and Nina are the typical “yuppies” (young professional), with a friendship that started way back in college. But they are now working in different industries: Glen in the furniture industry, Belle in a BPO center, and Nina in the construction industry.

And, though they now belong to different worlds, they still find time to be together. They bonded over travels, food / movie trips, and just hanging out at each others place. Until in the late last year, they stumbled into running, as a way to keep fit and slim, which may not at all typical for girls at their age.

Photo from Glen

Before we’ll reveal the meaning of “G” in The “G” Runners, let’s hear about their running exploits, and learn a tip or two about running.

Running-versary, Training, Fun Runs

They consider the month of September as their running anniversary as it’s the month when Milo Marathon Regional Leg Series is scheduled in Cebu. The Milo Marathon 2012 was the first official race since they started running as a way to keep their selves fit.

They described their early training days before as: “There was no such thing as serious training. We just do our simple jog routine. We go to I.T. Park every MWF for our 20-30 mins run and if we feel like we are tired already, we’ll make it 15mins nalang, and no proper before-after stretching.”

But then this simple training had let them finished 6 official races / fun runs: Milo Marathon, PMAP & PAS 1st Synergy Run, CCM 2013, SM2SMand Mad Run

Photo from The “G” Runners from their submitted CCM story
at, read here >>.

Memorable Races

Asked what is their most memorable race, their answers are as a varied as their personalities:

For Niña, “Milo marathon because that’s the first ever run of the G-Runners. :)”

For Glendy, “All races are really memorable to us but the most memorable for me is, I think, CCM. Because that’s really a one-of-a-kind experience, and I was able to join for FREE.”

While, Belle may have a bit of a traumatic but funny memory courtesy of her conniving bff’s. For her, “SM2SM because my two best friends surprised me on the day of the race. A day before the race, they gave me a FAKE race bib so I could join since I was not able to register myself. On the day of the event, I was really hesitant to use it because what if I would be caught for using a fake one? Uwaw kaayo (very embarrassing). But I was very much surprised because they hand me over a real race bib and told me that they registered me in. I was so happy and didn’t noticed that I was already crying. :)”

16K in MAD 3
Photo from Niña

Pre- & Post-Race Ritual

But they all agree on their favorite pre- and post- race activity, which are, Doon sa Jollibee, bucket meal kami!!! hahaha 🙂 And, milktea session before/after race for hydration.”

But aside from bucket meals and milkteas as their common denominator. Niña, who is considered the fastest among them, said that they are all strong and would not back out at any race.

Photo from Glen

The Next Evolution of The G-Runners: G-runners Lasang Angels

They are now training for their 1st half-marathon / 21KM distance this June, 2013 under Coach Sherwin Managil, who is known for making a lot of Cebuanos faster. Though, it’s more of a half-ultramarathon because the race is actually 25KM this coming Kapamilya Run.

As they go further in their running, they don’t only get more miles and experiences, but also more friends who called them “angels” — The G-Runners Lasang Angels.

From their 15-20 minutes training run before at IT Park, following is how their weekly training program may look like now (Note: Weekly training program changes from time to time depending on the advice of coach.):

Sunday – long run

Monday – recovery run

Tuesday – either 1hr, 45mins or 30mins run.

Wednesday – either 1hr, 45mins or 30mins run.

Thursday – speed work (apparently the HARDEST!)

Friday – 3k easy run, and then circuit training after that. (Find description of circuit training here >>.)

Saturday – this is our favorite, REST DAY! 🙂

And, their running playground now is Camiguin! Camiguin is a street in Cebu Business Park where it’s a known training ground of TG-Lasang group and other runners. (If you want to up your game, you may check this place in the afternoon especially on Fridays.)

Circuit session at Camiguin (Cebu Business Park)
Photo from Glen

For them, there’s nothing really hard about training for the 21-25KM for the first time; it’s more of being intimidated of the distance. We are really nervous, scared and doubtful if we can really make it. But, we the help of Coach Sherwin and runner friends who kept on motivating us and showing their overflowing support, we feel confident in taking the challenge of finishing this half-ultra run,” said The “G” Runners.

No doubt they will finish their first 25KM and more as their motto is: “GGG – GO for GOLD G-runners!”

And, while they’ve been seeking motivation from other more experienced runners, they’ve been also a source of inspiration to their friends and families. Their friends and families are proud of them, not because they’re fast runners, but because despite of their very busy schedules as young professionals, they are able to find time to run. 


To end this, here are simple tips shared by The G-Runners on running:

* Be persistent.

* Don’t think of the long distance, but rather enjoy each mile.

* Always listen to your body.

* If you get tired already, DON’T BE SHY TO WALK.

And, don’t forget: “GGG – GO for GOLD G-runners!”



You can check the following these lists for 21KM (half-marathon) races / fun run in Philippines: 21K Luzon >>, 21K Visayas >>, 21K Mindanao >>. If you know of other 21K or other races not in the list, please share it with us at /

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  1. griezel polar 5 June, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    so proud of u glendy!! yay sikat na xa dah!!…keep going girls (glendy, nina, and belle) GGG!!!!

    • glendy 7 June, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

      HAHAHAHA ahaka sikat oi. thanks grezel heheh 🙂

  2. griezel polar 5 June, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    so proud of u glendy!! yay sikat na xa dah!!…keep going girls (glendy, nina, and belle) GGG!!!!

  3. jinky maris gonzales 6 June, 2013 at 8:14 am #

    yay! sikata na glendy oh!!..hehehe..:) go go…:)))) GOD BLESS sa inyo 3..:)

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      bwaaaaaaaaaahah ahak oi. thanks jinkz :))

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