Philippines Share in the 1st Ever Triathlon?!?

Dr. Bill Phillips, right

Pic from Story of the First Triathlon.

On the right side is the winner of the 1st triathlon back in 1974. Though, there were already swim-bike-run events years before this, as early as 1902, but it was in 1974 that the term “triathlon” was used (Source: thiswastriathlon). And, the winner was Dr. Bill Phillips.

So where does Philippines come into the picture?!?

From Bill Phillips interview, at The Competitors radio show here >>, it was mentioned that:

“As a youngster he was held captive in a POW camp in the Philippines during World War II and that’s where he met the woman who would become his wife.”

Being POW in the Philippines might have added to Bill Phillips toughness, and thus he won the 1st triathlon.

Listen on to his interview here >>. You could learn a lot from it as Bill Phillips is actually a doctor in physiology, which was one of the reasons why he’s into this sports.


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