Dipolog Centennial Triathlon: What does winning by millisecond look like?


John Philip Duenas (left), Arland Macasieb (right)
Photo by Jason Dorado

Congrats to John Philip Duenas and Arland Macasieb for an epic finish at the Dipolog Centennial Triathlon!!! Their mouths said it all! =)

Photo by Jason Dorado

Photo by Jason Dorado

Both have the same time finish of 2:09:14. Arland Macasieb posted a status that Duenas beat him by millisecond. They need a new kind of timer just so their time difference can be recorded. =) (see Dipolog Centennial Triathlon results at SugbuTriathlon here >>.)


Photo by Jason Dorado

Based on the photos, it seemed that Duenas finally overtook Macasieb upon reaching the red carpet. The red carpet must be Duenas lucky charm.

Rookie vs Pro

Duenas’, a rookie in triathlon, victory over a pro triathlete Macasieb proved that his previous winning at Sugbutriathlon’s Tri Team Championship series was not a fluke.


John Philip Duenas
Photo by Jason Dorado

This epic finish is probably a statement from Duenas that, despite being a rookie, he will not make triathlon any easier; and that it’s time for the pro’s to up their game!


Arland Macasieb
Photo by Jason Dorado

It will be exciting if these 2 can duel again in the upcoming Tabuelan 111 triathlon this June. (We’ll be running a few related stories for the upcoming Tabuelan 111, a 111KM-distance triathlon to be held at Tabuelan, Cebu, please watch out for it.)

Hope to hear your epic finish moment too! Share it with us at aktib.ph here >>.


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