If Running is the Microcosm of Life, ARC Thursday Fun Run is of Running Community.

There are who are curious as how to join and what’s in the ARC Thursday Fun Run. So from the name itself it’s a run that happens every Thursday of the week. The assembly place is at ARC (A Running Circle), running / multi-sports specialty shop, at Raintree Mall in Ramos / Mango Ave., Cebu City. It’s FREE and OPEN to any one who loves some sweat, some pain, or maybe some warm-up for the coming weekend’s races. There’s no membership fee. And, yes, there’s even giveaway of FREE SHOES!!! So like their ARC-Cebu’s page here >> to get updated of scheduled runs. (Contact number 254 9625) Joining the ARC Thursday Fun Run feels like being in a race where every pack is represented: the frontrunners / champions, the mid-packers, and the backpackers. Like in a race, it’s lively and vibrant except that the people are more relaxed. Following is how my usual experience of Thursday ARC Fun Run. BEATING PODIUM FINISHERS Though, most are on a relaxed mode, there are few who are in the racing mode. These are those who are attempting to beat or match the elite runners who are on pacer mode. They are few who hoped that finally they can brag that they beat Tillor, Daang, or Rhoda or even Igloria. And, YES, I BEAT Tillor the last time I joined the ARC Fun RUN – 10K run. Of course, he was pacing Armie who was on yet another comeback!

Armie with New-el Tillor

Armie with New-el Tillor

BE INSPIRING / INSPIRED While Armie was on her many attempts of making a comeback, there were also friends who were making their first attempt of running a 10KM. I’m a fan of first times. There is something special about doing our 1st 1KM, 5KM, and so on. And, witnessing others doing that special moment is inspiring, in a way that it reminds us of those moments when we thought running fast or long or both is impossible. Witnessing people treading on their first times is also a good reminder as to WHY DO WE REALLY RUN. Sometimes, after all the medals and mileage logged / PRs made, we may get jaded with running. When that happens, it’s always nice to look back and rekindle those 1st-time moments!
First 10K with Jidan Jakosalem

First 10K with Jidan Jakosalem

TIPS from the EXPERTS In between talking about her recent 3rd Labor Day Coast to Coast championship and asking tips on how to tackle uphill and downhill, Rhoda Oporto also talked about her apprehension of the upcoming SN 250 this coming June. SN 250 is a 250KM foot race from Santander (south of Cebu provice) to Bogo (north of Cebu) this coming June 14, 2013. Aside from getting tips, it’s a confidence booster that even champions like Rhoda still have apprehensions. I guess though we get more experienced but with new bigger goals, everyone is a first timer. It was a girl-power fullhouse that Thursday as Sean McCoy, the 3rd placer of Sundown Bohol Ultramarathon 50Miles/80KM was also there. This girl is amazing as it was her 1st attempt at ultra distance but she ruled it the first time.

Sean and Rhoda with their soon to be championship rival =)

with Sean McCoy, 3rd placer Bohol Ultra 50 Miles 2013, and Rhoda Oporto, Labor Day Coast to Coast 2013 Champion

with Sean McCoy, 3rd placer Bohol Ultra 50 Miles 2013, and Rhoda Oporto, Labor Day Coast to Coast 2013 Champion

More about ARC Fun Run community from their archives of pictures. (All photos below are from ARC Cebu’s page here >>.) It’s like coming to a religion meeting:

Photo from ARC Cebu

where we raise our hands…

bow our heads.

It’s where we meet people from all “runs” of life.

The different running groups

The girl friends out for a different kind of bonding.

The young runners

The young-at-heart runners

The running family. The family that runs together stretches together.


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It’s an animal-friendly community.

It’s where you can run with heroes in real life,

Photo from www.sliceofscifi.com

The Flash without mask

and train to be one.

Superheroes on Training

Or, if you’re simply seeking for a high.

It’s not exorcism.

It’s runner’s high!

Or, if you have that something inside in you that needs to come out, and find like-minded people.

They’re not evil. They’re just crazy… with running.

If you have that little something of the above, or maybe something new to introduce to the people, feel free to come join the ARC (A Running Circle) Thursday Fun Run at ARC Shop, Raintree Mall (Contact number 254 9625). As an African Proverb say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” If you want to get high, go to ARC Fun Run! ———————————————————————————- Posted by: rosebuen Rose Buenconsejo. A runner who runs after runners, and their stories, and her dream to become a NEDBANK. Promo Girl, runroo.com View her aktib race calendar >>

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