Running: Mothers’ Bonus Gift?

Mothers are inspiration. Running is inspiration. This Mother’s Day, we put these 2 together as our tribute to the mothers, to those children of their mothers, and to those who have mother friends.

Mothers are strong. It’s a given. It’s a quality demanded from them. Having a family to look after, they have to be strong for others: for their children, for the husband, for work, and for others who depended on them.  They can do great wonders for other people. They can bring the best out of their loved ones. They take joy in seeing the others achieved their success, and be the comfort when needed. They’re ready to go out and fight for others’ battles.

So we asked some of the Cebu’s running mothers the following question:
“As a mother, you’re by default a strong individual. But what strength or something unique in yourself that you only discover via running?”

Following are the insightful answers we got from them:

“In running, I discovered that I am not limited to being a wife and a mother; I am also capable of doing other things.” Lani Bacalla, a full-time mother of 8

Lani2She started running 4 years ago with her husband to get physically fit. Until she moved on to joining fun runs to collect singlets! But running has given so much more than singlets and being physically fit. She met many friends, and it showed to her that her family supports her as much as she supports them. It makes Lani and her husband closer as they now spend more quality time together — just by him cycling alongside with her while she runs.

This mother would not mind receiving a water bottle for this Mother’s Day as she lost hers on a Sunday run.





“Through running, I found out that I have a higher tolerance to pain. I mean, I can outlast men in longer distances.” — Rhoda Caballero-Oporto, mother and 100KM Ultramarathon Champion

Photo by John Domingo

Photo by John Domingo

Out of curiosity and “naki-uso” (trendy), this office girl, Rhoda, working as Social Insurance Assistant II at PhilHealth Region 7, started running 2 years ago. Her first official race was the SM2SM, in the 6K category. After some time, she discovered that she has a different kind of strength, of being able to endure pain. She keeps pushing herself to doing longer distances: from 42KM, 50KM, 65KM, 100KM.

If curiosity kills the cat; Rhoda’s curiosity makes the cats get chicked by her in ultra-distance races. Aside from being able to run very long distances, she also realized that she can even do better over the male runners.

And, this coming June 14-16, 2013, her curiosity will bring her to a 250KM ultra race, SOUTH TO NORTH (SN250). It will be the first longest foot race to be hosted in Cebu province, from the southernmost tip, Santander, to northern part, Bogo.

This might be a big jump for her, but she’s confident that she can reach the finish line with a smile!

A new running shoes (like the one in her picture) will be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for Rhoda’s insatiable curiosity.

“Because doing ultra running is a way to relieve stress.”
– Jocelyn “Dins” Domingo, mother and Social Service Sector Staff

Photo by Jeson Guardo

Photo by Jeson Guardo


She started running in early 2007, as a way to bond with her husband, John. This couple is a permanent fixture of Cebu races, from fun runs to ultra races. Though, John might be easier to spot between the 2 because of his camera, ready to take pics of runners. While, Dins can be easily overlooked as she can be the most calm-looking runner that you would meet.

And, that’s because Dins finds peace in running. She found that doing ultra running is the most effective way to de-stress.

Dins, a mother of 3, works in DSWD’s City Social Welfare Service, which can say a lot that her vocation demands giving much of herself to be of help to others. And, running is her way of doing something to give back to her self.

Running mothers can be low maintenance. The best gift for them can be to just let them run. =)



“In running, I realized that with my strength, motivation, and the ability to behave in a controlled and calm way, I can overcome any difficult situation.” – Ma. Nene Lansang, mother and businesswoman

phonto(2)Like most of runners, Ma. Nene started to run in 2008 to be fit and have a healthy life style. She was sickly and weak. And, running did not disappoint her. Her chronic cough and flu were gone unnoticeably, without taking any medications.

As she originally runs for health reasons, she promised herself not run beyond 21KM (half-marathon). It was never in her plans to go over it.

Until she realized again that she wanted something more interesting experience. And, so she joined her 1st 42KM, the Aboitiz Race to Reduce, in 2011 with the time of 5hrs 30mins. It was a very big surprise to her that she was able to finish with a decent time of 5:30mins for a first timer. From then on, she entered her first ultramarathon, AWUM 2011 (All Women Ultra Marathon), with the time of 8hrs 28mins, and improved her time on her 2nd AWUM with 8hrs 17mins.

She learned that she might not be all that very fast, but with her great discipline to behave in a controlled and calm way during races, she can finish strong any difficult races. Following this mantra, she was able to finish another 50KM ultramarathon, 50-50 Sundown Bohol Marathon, with a much improved time of 7hrs 38mins, her best PR (personal record).

The mother of MRC (Mandaue Runners Club) would not mind receiving a Garmin (GPS watch) this Mother’s Day. It would be a perfect device to record her upcoming best PRs.

As they say, “Running is a gift.” I hope the insights from the mothers will help you go and claim that GIFT, running or whatever is it!
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