6th Olango Challenge-rs: Phelps Joining?!?

Event: 6th Olange Challenge – for the benefit of Olango schools (Registration is still open!)

Photo collage from Karla Quimsing

Story behind this pic here >>.

The Olango Challenge was created to raise funds to help build classrooms in Olango Island. As a fishing village, Olango’s main economic activity used to revolve around fishing. But since marine resources are no longer as abundant as the old times, people need to find alternative livelihood.

In this line, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), in partnership with the Philippine Swimming Inc., organized the Olango Challenge in 2008. The Olango Challenge aims to raise funds to to build more classrooms. This way, it’s easier for Olango residents to get formal education to help them find new form of livelihood.

With just around 70 swimmers participating in the first edition, it grew to more than a hundred last year. With a total of almost 500 swimmers participated helped this project since it started.

This year, organizers are expecting more swimmers to share hand strokes to build more classrooms.

One of those who will give a helping hand strokes this year is triathlete Adrian Walag, a programmer by day. The eye mishap he experienced last year will not stop him from joining again. As Michael Phelps said:

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”

Phelps may not be able to be here during the competition physically, but his spirit and courage will be present not only in Adrian, but in all participants who will be swimming for greater cause.

Joining this year again also is another triathlete, Ralph Sios-e of Vellum Cycling. Ralph was also present last year. He is coming back this year, as it’s a great way to train for his upcoming triathlon races. At the same time, he’ll be helping a good cause.

Adrian and Ralph, very excited

swimmers for Olango Challenge 2013

Adrian and Ralph excited to beat Phelps

Swimmers, as long as you have that beautiful spirit, are all welcome to join the 6th Olango Challenge, more details here >>. With just a stroke of your hand, it will be a big help to the Olango residents.

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