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For those wishing to running with a different scene, outside Metro Cebu, following are some races you can check this coming weekend (April-May): * RUN FOR A CAUSE 2013 (2K/8K/16K), MEDELLIN, CEBU – April 28, 2013, details here >>. Check below on what activities / attractions you can check in Medellin, Cebu. * HIGHLAND ENDURANCE RUN – CTU MOALBOAL * HIGHLAND ENDURANCE RUN – CTU ARGAO For more other races / running events / multi-sports events in Cebu, Philippines, see here >>. DOWN SOUTH CEBU

Carcar Kagumgum Runners group has probably busy weekends in a row. They help in organizing an upcoming run, 1st Perrelos Purok 2 Run, this coming Saturday. But NOTE that please contact them before you join the run as this is not totally open for the public. It’s meant for for the local Carcar residents. Details of 1st Perrelos Purok 2 Run here >>.

And the previous weekend (April 14, 2013), they were also supporting the “Halad ni Leon Kilat 42KM.” CUC’s President Tony Galon spearheaded in organizing the event this year. This marathon, which honors Leon Kilat, started back in 2011 by the hero’s big fan, Max Limpag. A detailed story about Leon Kilat, and how this “marathon” started at here >>. Just like the first version of the run, this event is not announced publicly but everyone is welcome to run along with them. It was more of a by-invitation event. Hopefully, this will be publicly open in the following

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year?!? =) Jack Labajo of Talisay City Runners Club (TCRC) was the champion for arriving first at the finish line, which was the monument of Leon Kilat, near the Municipal Hall of Carcar.

Jack Labajo, manually writing his name on the “finishers’ list” (Photo by Marecor Mercado Baclay)

It was a simple marathon run, but definitely, the satisfaction runners got from it is nothing but overwhelming. Following is a short video, capturing the ecstatic runners at the finish line, by Iris Ignacio of Dagan Caritas running group. And to some, Halad ni Leon Kilat 42KM fulfilled their dream to become marathoner. Read on Kagumkum Run to Carcar story by a first-time marathoner. If you have a story to add, feel free to share at here >>. If you happen to be in Carcar, following are few things you can do. HISTORICAL TOUR You can start with the Leon Kilat monument, located near Carcar’s Municipal Hall. Then, from there you can hop on to the nearby heritage houses. Following a heritage house which you will not miss since it’s along the highway. It’s the building you can pass by before you make a turn to Leon Kilat’s monument. For a list of more heritage sites of Carcar, Cebu, see here >>.

Photo from

SHOES / FOOTWEAR CAPITAL OF CEBU Drop by at Carcar Shoe Expo, Villadolid, Carcar and have a pic taken with the world’s biggest shoes and do shoe shopping. If you’re from Cebu City, Villadolid is located before the town’s center. A lot disagreed with this fact, but since I’m a Cebuana, then I would support that Carcar holds the world record of biggest shoes in the world.

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—————————————————- UP NORTH CEBU This coming weekend, up north of Cebu, you can join a local race in the town of Medellin, Run for a Cause 2013. Then go island hopping or just soaked in a nearby beach.

Medellin is sometimes overlooked as a destination probably because of Daan Bantayan, where most people head to for the Daan Bantayan Island beaches.

Following are some activities / places you can do while you’re in Medellin:


Medellin is not to be left behind as they also have zipline. You can zipline and more at Medellin Hideaway, the name of the beach resort. For more information about Medellin Hideaway, check My Cebu Photo Blog’s A Day in Medellin post here >>.

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How about a bit of island hopping?! Medellin has it too. You can check Traveler’s Couch Funtastic Gibitngil Island post for a more detailed information on how to go there, and what activities you can do in this island.

A more peaceful picture of the Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu.

Photo from

OLD SCHOOL BEACH STROLLING SeaHorse Resort at Brgy. Kawit can satisfy that beach strolling and good old swimming craving. =) It’s in Brgy. Kawit where you can also take a boat ride to Gibitngil Island.

Photo by Karla Quimsing

And, if you get lucky, you can experience “Blue Moon.” You can check Karla’s Blue Moon sighting at SeaHorse Resort, Medellin here >>.

Photo by Karla Quimsing

MORE?!? If these are not enough activities, you can check zerothreetwo’s 6 Funtastic To Do’s in Medellin here >>. For resorts / accommodation listings of Medellin, Cebu, you can check here >>.   ———————————————————————————- Posted by: rosebuen Rose Buenconsejo. A runner who runs after runners, and their stories, and her dream to become a NEDBANK. Promo Girl, View her aktib race calendar >>

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