Dear Coast 2 Coast, Y U NO Friend Me!?!

(I was meaning to write some tips for running the Labor Day Coast to Coast, because I thought someone might benefit it. Though I realized it’s I who needs most it. Anyhoo, after some time of doing some deep thinking, the only tip I came up with is:

Rule #: Don’t ever hope there will be downhill. Because it will never come. And if it will, you will then wish how it never come.)

So instead, I ended up chatting with Coast to Coast. This will be my 2nd attempt, as I quit last time.

Me: Y U NO accept my friend request?!?
C2C: Because everything happens for a bigger reason.
Me: Like?
C2C: Sometimes, I feel you eat too much than you can handle. I think it was last month that I heard you crying somewhere in one of the mountains nearby because you fell down in a ravine. You know that you’re not that fit to go with Cebu Trail Runners.
Me: No. I did not fall down. It was just almost.
C2C: Still. You never learn your lesson.
Me: Well, you’re charm is just too hard to resist. I could not resist an invitation to wander in your mountains. As they say, “You’re my sweet misery. You’re like the perfect pain.”
C2C: So how is your training?
Me: Last year, I read Born to Run book, and pretended to be one of the Tarahumaras. This year, I read the Lore of Running book by Tim Noaks, but it’s too scientifically written, I DNF’ed from it. Reading it was like going uphill in Gaas.
C2C: Is that all you do? What was your finish time at CCM 2013 again?
Me: Sub… sub-4 hours x2. =)
C2C: It looks like you’re a train-wreck waiting to happen yet again. So what do you do about your running?
Me: Mmmmmm. I went out looking for speedster lucky charms. So see, I made friends with Aivan Villalon (read on his inspiring story here >>), the 1st edition champion, then also with the 2nd edition champion, Noel Tillor (read on his inspiring story here >>).

Aivan Villalon, 2011 Labor Day Coast to Coast champion

Noel Tillor, 2012 Labor Day Coast to Coast Champion

Noel Tillor, 2012 Labor Day Coast to Coast Champion

We now have 2 mutual friends!!! Are you still not going to accept my friend request this year?

C2C: Who do you think is more handsome between the 2, Aivan or Noel?
Me: Whatttt? Wait. Of course, you! =) So are you going to accept my friend request!
Me: HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL! You need to let me finish you or else, I cannot ever feel confident running in other places, and bigger races.
C2C: Because I want you to come back.
Me: Aws?!? I’m touched. Of course, I will always. How can I avoid you, you’re the fattest mountain of Cebu! You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. So will you accept my friend request now?! As in now na?
C2C: Don’t worry. We may not be fb friends. But you are always in my heart.

I will wait for you this Sunday. Take your time! And, post pics! =)

Photo by Fred Ba-a Coast to Coast 2012

Me: Well, if I would feel not dying, I’ll post random updates at, twitter: @gorunroo, IG: runroo. Then, check for more stories of it.
C2C: That’s why I don’t accept your friend request! I don’t want you flooding me.
Me: But it seems you’re still updated with me anyway! =) Bleeehhh.
C2C: Cannot wait for your DNF pic yet again.
Me: Sorry, you will be disappointed! =)

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