The Indie Experience: Crashing into a Birthday Run in MEPZ 1

While most are busily dashing in and out of the MEPZ compound, a few remain inside, not working, but doing rounds of running. Some of them were running for the heck of running and some were preparing for their respective upcoming races.

And, some of them were doing a run as a way to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I happened to crash into a birthday run of the Indie Runners, a running group in Cebu.  It’s a group’s tradition to do a birthday run when someone has a birthday in their group.

Indie Runners

It was Joemar Sericon’s birthday at that time (10/28/2012).

Joemar Seracon, Indie Runners
(Photo from Ermin Pepito)

Running around in MEPZ after work is usual routine of the group, may it be to relieve stress from their work, to keep fit, or to prepare for an upcoming race. When training for a race, they do their weekday short runs inside MEPZ 1 compound (1 loop is around 1.5KM. correct me if it’s wrong). Then, they do a group long runs on weekend.

But birthday run is extra special because there would be a simple “salo-salo” (eating together) at their canteen after the run. Lucky was I!

Indie Runners

Indie Runners is not a new group. They existed as old as Romil Garces. They were called Pentax runners before. As their old running group’s name suggests, the members of the group were mostly from Pentax company in MEPZ 1.

indie runners, running group in cebu, philippines

Pentax runners, now Indie runners at AWUM 2012

By virtue of age, Romil Garces and Francis Rosos headed the Pentax group which then they renamed to Indie Runners.  Indie for independent, in which they want to make it a no-frills kinds of group.

Francis Rosos & Romil Garces 104K Bogo-to-Cebu Ultra Marathon
(Photo from Romil Garces)

No rules, no policies, no dues; come as you are. 

You can come in shoes, slippers, or none at all.

Romil Garces and Frederick Angalot (Photo from Romil)

You can come as top placers at the finish line.

Jieter Bada (right), with Francis Roso as support, when he topped Coast to Coast 2012

Jieter Bada (right), with Francis Roso as support, when he topped Coast to Coast 2012
(Photo from Romil Garces)

Rhoda Caballero Oporto, with Gio Garces, top placer at Citigym Halloween Run (Photo by Manolito Camacho)

Or, you can come in somewhere at the middle or back together with the group at the finish line. In races especially very long-distance ones, they keep the mantra of “no one gets left behind” especially to the first timers in that kind of races.

Indie Runners at CUC 100KM Leg 1 (Photo from Romil Garces)

Romil Garces believes that the passion for running must come from within the individual itself, or else it would not be that meaningful and lasting for that person. The group will only come in to support that passion, and to be there to share the joys and sorrows. Thus, in a way “indie” can mean independent individual passionate about running.  And, it’s something that you can feel when you’re surrounded with them.

wacky pose at Pentax Canteen, Joemar’s party =)

lataban, liloan, cebu running ground

Indie couple, Arlen & Ermin
(Photo from Arlen Pepito)

Running Group: Indie Runners
Members: Romil Garces, Francis Rosos, Jieter Bada, Eduardo Delda, Jomar Siricon, Melanio Cataraja, Philip Cacanog, Reynante Gerasol, Edwin Sorteliza, Mark Anthony Wagas, Gio Garces, Arlen Pepito, Ermin Pepito, Rhoda Oporto, and others

More few pics here >>.

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  1. alma prescillas 23 July, 2023 at 3:48 am #

    Hello is running still allowed inside MEPZ 1 Vicinity? I am working in Autoliv and new in the area. Needed to do short routine runs everyday. after work but I am hesitant because it is unlike in Cebu business park that I can see several people run or jog daily. I am preparing for an event. Thank you very much if I can get any feedback from you. Have a good day

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