Message from a Retired World Champion and Soon-to-be Champ Triathletes

Many first-timers will be baptized into the triathlon world tomorrow at 2nd Talisay Triathlon Race 2013. One of them is the Team H.A.R.D Multisports, with most of its members will have their first triathlon race at the Talisay Triathlon.

Team H.A.R.D Multisports

Some of the members of this team are:
Earl Villamala – Founder of IGAT Runners, one of the most active running groups in Cebu
Yaz Soon – Founder of G6 Runners, one of the most sexy running groups in Cebu
Nelson Judilla
Joey Ardiente
Rosalie Ardiente
Patrick Rivilla
Cris Villadolid
Mccoy Fortich

Jade Abelanna – AWUM Queen 2013

Team H.A.R.D Multisports with friends


Following are some words of advice on game plan from a retired Ironman Champion, and soon-to-be World Champion from the Team H.A.R.D. Multisports.

Chrissie Wellington's Blazeman Roll (in honor of Jon Blais)

Chrissie Wellington’s Blazeman Roll (in honor of Jon Blais)
(Photo from


Chrissie Wellington, 3-time Ironman World Champion

Following is her race game plan (lifted from her book, “A Life Without Limits”:
* arrived a week before ironman (10 days if Kona), 3 days before half-ironman to gather as much information before the race day
* run parts of the course with an iPod before the race day to remember certain motivational songs at certain parts on the race day
* gentle massage 2 days before the rce day
* switch to plain foods from complex carbohydrates and fiber
* day before, walk the transition area, picture where to come and leave
* day before, visualize the race in hear
* pre-race meal: tuna pasta in front of TV
* race day, after rising, shower breathe deeply, massage muscles, think positive, have a 500-calorie breakfast, sip water, drink coffee,
* identify a landmark to easily locate your bike
* smother yourself with lubricant, make sure to use gloves or plastic bag as oily hands can affect “catch” in the swim
* 15 minutes before the race, start warm-up in the water, first 200-400meters are an all-out sprint; once settled, breathe once every 2 strokes
* T1, kick legs harder to prepare for the next stage; rehearse transition in mind: remove goggles and swim cap first, strip wetsuit while heading for the bike, then sunglasses on 1st, helmet, race belt with number on back, wheel bike to mount line and start pedaling.
* in ironman: take one gram of carbs per kilo of body weight per hour
* on bike: vital techniques involve adjusting position in the saddle and getting out of the saddle altogether to recruit different muscles and prevent fatigue
* on bike: last 500m increase cadence, and about 100m from T2, loosen the strap on bike shoes and slip feet out; dismount barefoot, run into transition while unclipping helmet
* T2: put on pre-talcum-powdered socks and shoes and grab gels for the run
* Marathon: ignore the legs; after settling in, maintain a shorter stride length, keep shoulders and elbows down, lift hips and look forward; take one gel every 25min, washed down with water

Yaz Soon, G6 Boss


Yaz Soon, 3 years in running, 7 months in biking, started swimming Feb., 2013.

His dream of triathlon started after witnessing the Cobra Ironman last year in Cebu. Through Team H.A.R.D Multisport, he was able to find a coach in swimming, and thus training hard for Tri got a booster.

Following is his fool-proof game plan for 2nd Talisay Triathlon: The American Landing Celebration:
Plan A : survive the swim
Plan B: survive the swim
Plan C: survive the swim



Earl Villamala, IGAT Boss (Photo from Jade Abellana)


Earl Villamala, 3 years in running, 2 months biking & swimming

Aside from the pushing of his other IGAT running mates, Earl may be unconsciously inspired to try triathlon because of his one of his favorite soap opera, “Apoy sa Dagat (Fire at the Sea).”

His game plan for his first triathlon, 2nd Talisay Triathlon, is to watch JAWS before the race day. This would give him the much needed adrenaline rush to finish the swim part, which is his weakest but only for now.


To all the triathlon participants tomorrow of 2nd Talisay Triathlon, don’t worry much with the “rumored” broken glasses. Chrissie Wellington’s first race as a trained athlete was in Thailand whose swim part involved swimming with dead chickens and other animals.

To the future champions, a parting advice from Chrissie’s (ex)coach, Brett Sutton:

“I’ve seen too many world champions not adjust for the pressure. They fret about their performances. They train and race with the crown on their head. It’s too fucking heavy. Take my tip. Take it off, put it in a box and place it in the cupboard. It’ll be there when you’re finished. Don’t let it kill you or stop you from putting  few more in there to go with it.”

Following are some triathlon/duathlon events around Philippines you can check:
Sipalay Tri: National Age Group Triathlon Series 2013
DurianMan Duathlon
Mahinog’s 1st Off-Road Triathlon
Pico de Loro Tri Invitational 2013
Guimaras 2nd Mango Man Triathlon and 3rd Manggahan Festival 5K and 10K Fun Run
51.50 DurianMan Triathlon

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