MAD Run 3: What’s More Exciting Than Its P150 Reg Fee?

It’s seeing Mayor Mike Rama running in a comfortable basketball shorts. As mentioned by Mary Ann delos Santos, Mike Rama will be one of the participants of MAD Run 3 at Brgy. Lahug; this coming March 10, 2013. (For more details (route & singlet design) of MAD Run 3 (5K/10K/16K), please see here >>.)

It’s exciting to know what can be the color of Mayor Mike’s basketball shorts this time. One of the things I look forward to in CCM is Mayor Mike and his basketball shorts.

CCM 2013
(Photo from Cebu City Marathon)

Let’s admit, we, runners, take time to fuss over our running apparels and gear. So seeing a mayor in a basketball shorts running can be humbling, a reminder to us of why do really run.

CCM 2011, with polo shirt
(Photo from Cebu City Marathon)

To be clear, I’m from Consolacion so I’m not voting for Mike neither this post is a campaign for him. I’m actually a fan of Tommy Osmena’s acidic sarcastic humour. But Mike Rama in basketball shorts is just a heartwarming sight.

Mike Rama’s basketball shorts is like MAD 3 Run. It’s a reminder to runners on why do we run, and to race organizers on why do they organize race. Is it for well-being or appearance enrichment? Is it to encourage more runners or more money in expense of the others?

I have nothing against expensive fees. But MAD 3 is a showcase that a quality race with affordable fees is very possible. This quality and affordable MAD 3 race is made possible by the teamwork of Brgy. Lahug office people, Mary Ann delos Santos, Joel Garganera, and Joel Juarez’ team, race organizer, who are all passionate about running and being active.

Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City LGU

Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City LGU

Joel Garganera, Mary Ann delos Santos, Joel Juarez

Joel Garganera, Mary Ann delos Santos, Joel Juarez

So what’s more exciting than Mike Rama’s basketball shorts attire?!? Let’s dare Joel Garganera to run in basketball shorts! =)

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Event Details: MAD Run 3 5K / 10K / 16K

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