aktib.ph Help: How to claim race photos & display on facebook?

The aktib.ph has a new feature: PHOTOS. This is still new so please NOTE: it can still be hard to use as we need to tweak on its workflow, and a few kinks here and there. So feel free to send us feedbacks, bugs and suggestions, at rose@runroo.com, twitter.com/gorunroo, facebook.com/gorunroo or facebook.com/aktib.ph.

3 Steps on claiming and displaying your photos on facebook from aktib.ph:

1. Search for your bib number, and claim your photos.

2. “Post these claimed photos” on “Create Story” page.

3. Go to your facebook albums, then APPROVE the pictures from the Aktib Photos album. (For more details, see below.)





Before you can claim, you need to be signed-in / logged in to aktib.ph. If you don’t have an aktib.ph account yet, simply click on SIGN-IN, then Sign in with Facebook.

Then, go to PHOTOS (see top of the site). You will see then a list of running / race events. Click on the event which you wish to find your pictures. NOTE: Only those events with “We have photos for this event!” beneath its title have uploaded pics for claiming.

Enter your bib number on the Search field, which you’ll find at the upper right side of the page.


Photos tagged with that race bib numbers will then display. CLAIM your photo(s) by ticking them, then click on “Claim these photos.” (We need to reword the warning message. The programmer, who wrote it, has no emotions. =) Feel free to claim your mother/father/friend’s photo but number of claiming of a picture is limited so.)


Sorry for a bit harsh unemotional warning note at the top. We’ll try to reword that.


On the following page, you can create a story of that raceThis page can be a bit tricky to navigate. So kindly bear with it now. We will do some improvements on how to make it easier.

Story can just be a sentence or two, nothing fancy, and is OPTIONAL. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.41.21 PM


To post your photos to facebook, tick “Post these claimed photos to Facebook.” If you DO NOT want it to display on facebook, no need to tick this option. To save, click on “Create Story.”


You can then find a collection of your photos from My Profile, under My Stories. 




To make your claimed pictures visible on facebook, go to your facebook albums, and you will find AKTIB PHOTOS album. You need to approve first the pictures from that album before it will be visible to others.


APPROVE to make it visible. For now, you have to do this every time you claim a picture. (We might need to make a deal with facebook first with this like flickr / instagram to make it automatic.=))


I CANNOT FIND MY PICTURES, WHAT TO DO @$^$^#$%^@%$#%@#$%?!?

We might have your picture, but your race bib is hidden so we cannot tag your picture properly. So you can do either of the following:

* Type NA in the search field, and all photos with pictures which are not tag with race bib numbers.


* Use your running group’s name to search. If you’re wearing your group’s singlet / jersey / shirt, we tag it using your group’s name. So for example, TCRC.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.21.07 PM


* Use your facebook name to search. If I know you in facebook name, we tagged it with your facebook name.

If you still cannot find your pictures, we probably had not taken a picture of you. Anyhoo, feel free to message us for help.


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