Friendly Reminder to Cebu’s BDM 102 Reps: Huwag Kayong Malibog Doon.

(For BDM 102 tips, we collected a few. Please find it at the EVENT DETAILS area here >>.)

From the little island province with the *most number of ultra marathons, here are our many one-shots for the Philippine’s big daddy of ultra marathon, BDM (Bataan Death March) 102 Ultramarathon 2013.

BALDRUNNER, are you ready for these?!?


Kikay, Twinkle, Juliet, Lyra
Photos by Hazel Sanchez, Rodney Cabahug, Juliet, Jesleigh Perez)

And, to hug these?!?


(Top L-R, Bottom L-R) Rodney, Ryan, Frederick, Garry
(Ryan Photo by Susan Dionson)


As they would say that the race day is just an icing on a cake. It’s given that participants who signed up for this kind of race do not only accept the challenge on the race day, but also the every day challenge of training going forward to the big day; and, not to mention the uncertainties they have to worry if they can make it even to the starting line. 

So I asked a few of them what is the most sacrifice they have to do for their BDM 102 quest?

Photo by John Domingo


Lyra Valles — The girl who practised Baldrunner-hug by experimenting with the KM 0 marker at Cebu Provincial Capitol when she did the 42KM/7days, with her partner Nap. (A snippet of their straight 7-day marathon here >>.)

She’s a veteran of endurance running but in preparation for the BDM 102, and other ultras this 2013, she took her training to another level with her Coach Sherwin Managil.

But for her, the bigger sacrifice was having to give up pork for 8 months already, and softdrink also needs to go. If you’ve been living in Cebu for some time, you would understand why giving up pork is such a big sacrifice! (A glimpse of Cebu’s running culture.)

Sto. Nino might be so happy with your year-long lent that he might be so nice in giving this girl the championship title, in BDM or maybe in her other major races this year.


TG Lasang-Luba Rinnan Running Group

Ryan in red shades with his running group, TG-Lasang-Luba Rinnan

Ryan Lauren Gonzaga and his running group, TG – Lasang – Luba Runnan group, know how to run (and tri) hard, and party harder. So for him the biggest sacrifice is not about having to run hard, but being NOT able to share the victory with the group, who is at his back through and through, on the BDM 102 day.

And, Ryan and Lyra have common biggest sacrifice — SAVINGS!!! (Hopefully, someone can come up with a training program for that.)



Juliet Amazona. Because getting a tan lounging at the beach is too mainstream. This wanderlust instead gets it from ultra running.

She manages a travel agency, iTravel iExplore Tour & Services, thus her biggest struggle is time management. With a business which entails for her to travel most of the time with unpredictable schedule of client meetings, she trusts the saying, “It’s better to be undertrained, than be injured with overtraining.”


Following is a little backgrounder of the rest of the participants of the BDM (Bataan Death March) 102 Ultramarathon this coming March 2–3, 2013 from Cebu: (Note: I may miss other participants from Cebu.)

Glamour Run Cebu
(Photo by Victor Chan)

Melina “Twinkle” Gonzales. I’m guessing her biggest sacrifice will be having to pay for an excess baggage for her costume.

While she is looking forward to finally be able to tick off BDM 102 from her bucketlist, everyone is also looking forward to Twinkle’s costume this coming BDM 102.

I’m guessing she will be in a high-breed geisha outfit. What’s your guess?


Photo by IamKatol Photos


Janet “Kikai” Legaspi is another representative of TG – Lasang – Luba Runnan in BDM 102.

She is probably one those those girls who can be effortlessly beautiful, and so with her running. She’s one of those female runners who can effortlessly land as top placers in races. Like in Rock & Road Marathon, in which she just out-of-the-blue joined, and landed as the 4th placer in the female category. So what more in the upcoming BDM 102?

You know, some girls can just have it all: the looks, the body, a beautiful son, and the speed.






Rodney and his beautiful family
Photo by Rodney Cabahug


Rodney Cabahug is Cebu’s bet for the BDM 102 2013 male category. That’s if he is going to make  a comeback at BDM 102!

After getting the 6th place at Bohol UltraMarathon 2012, along with his team Danao City Milers getting 4 of the top 10 places, it was rare to see him getting a top finish. He DNF’ed from the 1st CUC (Cebu Ultrarunners Club) 100KM Ultramarathon due to injury. Then from then on, he seems to be contented with taking a backseat in races.

Maybe, he will surprise us this BDM 102! Go, Tatay!



This one you will bow down to, not hug.


Garry Garcia is a veteran of BDM. Actually, he’s a veteran of all sorts of races. So you can consult him to help you determine who is the real BaldRunner, BDM RD (race direcotor), just so you would be sure you will be hugging the right BaldRunner at the correct Finish line spot.

Being in the hospitality business, he is more than willing to help.




Blister? Check.


Frederick Yap of Fit Runners Club has somehow came to accept his weakness in ultra running. It was what made him DNF (did not finish) from his first 100KM ultramarathon attempt during the Century Property Ultramarathon 104KM, organized by FrontRunner in Cebu.

As they say that the strongest people are not those without weakness and faults. But those who does not stop despite their weakness and failure.

He’s weakness — BLISTERS after 70km. Instead of getting intimidated with it, he took  his second attempt at 100KM ultramarathon race at CUC Leg 1. This time, the blisters had to suck it up and endure its host’s stronger will to finish.


I believe all of them have toughen up for whatever struggles they have to deal with at BDM or any other races.

So from the tiny island of Lapu-lapu, we are wishing you the best with your Filipino/Tagalog-speaking skills!!! Huwag kayong malilibog!


For BaldRunner’s 2013 list of events, see here. Following are a few we’re able to list at

* 1st Siquijor 360 Ultramarathon (Limited Slots to 50)

* Mayon 360 2013

* 1st Negros Occidental 50-Mile Run

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