Running Couple: Forrest Gump’s Happy Ending

Love can happen in unexpected places… when moving places.

The girl moved to Cebu to find independence, geared with her make-up  artist and cooking skills, and her love for dogs. While, the boy moved from one party to another night-out in Cebu.’s Hotseat Season 2

Either unconsciously they were looking for love. Or, that the universe collide to get the boy and girl together because it realized that a make-up artist and a chatterbox can be “better together” that the two found their selves together in a “hotseat” in an online forum.

Or, more of the girl found herself innocently in the middle of’s online forum hotseat, which was purposely, set-up by the chatterbox who got too tightlipped to ask the girl for a date directly in person. (Hotseat is a thread in where members can vote for a member to be put on “spot” for one week when anyone can ask her/him questions.)

voted for quirkychinita because scared of rr (screenshot of forum)

voted for quirkychinita because scared of rr (screenshot of forum)

Instead of asking her directly, he went around asking threatening his friends to nominate and vote quirkychinita (the girl’s nick in, so R_sQuArEd (the boy’s nick) could grill her with questions. And, the most important question was:

“Would you go out on a date with me?”


However naughty the boy can be, he might be really nice, or he probably prayed hard to the heavens that he got lucky! He finally got a nod from the girl for a date in person.

LoveLife was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. (Forrest Gump)

After getting asked for a date unconventionally, love-life has probably became then a box-of-chocolate experience for the girl.  She was hoping for a guy who does not talk too much; a guy gifted with height to match with her 6-inch stilettos and high-heeled shoes.

Instead, life gave her the character of one of her favorite movies, Forrest Gump.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 4.36.28 AM


She ended with a guy who can be so talkative like Forrest Gump; a guy in whom she can have an awkward moment with her six-inch heels.

But a guy, like Forrest Gump, who loves the girl eternally that he ran miles and miles and still ended up still loving her no matter how miserable she was. And, this can be true literally and figuratively.

Love moves in mysterious way: from registering to to registering to races 

From the start, these two can be poles apart. The girl is from down south CDO, while the boy is from somewhere up north in Cebu. They are quite a contrast to each other, a chatterbox life-of-the-party boy to a silent girl. They have different sets of friends. The boy works in a school, and the girl in the BPO. Even their work schedules may not be compatible.

But they have one thing in common – they were both NOT into running before

The boy, either out of his being a prankster or desperation to be impressive, dragged the girl into running. And, I guess anyone who loves a good challenge, they both got hooked. Or, let’s say the boy got more hooked, and the girl got hooked in supporting him in running miles after miles.

He becomes the Forrest Gump, the boy who runs the very long distances. While the girl miserably waits for him at the finish line, but is one proud girlfriend. (They run in different distance categories.)

Who would have thought a punishing activity, running, can be one of the things that make their relationship delightful! =)

In running, the make-up artist and the chatterbox were on equal ground. Thus, it probably became their venue to know each other more, to push each other to become better, and to pamper each other. It somehow helps them identify their similarities and differences, and be supportive of each other; like the girl loves to cook for his carbo-loading, and, of course, the boy supports it by appreci-eating her food. =)

It’s hard to explain how love happens to these two people, who can be so contrast and who met in some unlikely manner. As they say love can just happen like that, without explanation and reason.

I believe it can also be because RR and Iris are the kind of people who keep an open mind. Thus, when it rains, it pours: girls gets her independence, additional pet, love and more. While, the guy, just not have a lovely girlfriend, but in their own corner of the world, he is the Forrest-Gump ready to conquer the world with his “quirkiness.”

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Keep an open mind, great things and great love can happen from unexpectedness.

RR and Iris

RR and Iris

Thank you, RR and Iris for your love and story! =)


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