ByWay12 360 Edition: Double Coast to Coast

For those interested to do this, Route Profile: (Note: This is not complete profile of the route as GPS tracker died at km80+.)
Photos of route: ByWay12 Album

Joining high-elevation races is a big challenge. But for Cebu-based runners, it can be an extra challenge. With our highest peak only at 1,013 MASL (Osmena Peak), it’s a bit of a struggle as to where to find routes or training ground with a lot of elevations.

Nevertheless, this does not deter Cebuano runners from joining high-elevation races, like Nap dela Torre and Joel Garganera (Vibram 100 was just one of their exploits, story here >> ). And there are probably a lot more other Cebuanos (Please raise your hand and share your tips.).

With the running scene in Philippines getting older, the runners become stronger and more experienced, more are now seeking more challenging races like ultra trail running with high elevation gains.

ByWay12, Tony Galon and Jake Liarta, are one of those who are taking a bigger (elevation) challenge this year. They will be joining MSIG Sai Kung 50 in Hong Kong this March, 2013. Following is the course description taken from its website:

50km course description: Elevation gain 2218m, elevation loss 2216m, total gain/loss 4434m, min elevation 1m, highest elevation 468m.

Though, MSIG Sai Kung 50 is just a 50KM trail run, but people have to take a total elevation of 2,218M. For a Cebuano, it can mean climbing running our highest mountain, Osmena Peak, twice plus add a run up to, maybe, Chateau de Busay from JY Square.

Jake and Tony at Brgy. Pangilatan Trail, Naga

Jake and Tony at Brgy. Pangilatan Trail, Naga

ByWay12 360 Edition: Chasing the 2,216M Total Elevation (Route profile here >>)

This challenge has probably brought ByWay12 seeking and making up different routes to simulate the MSIG Sai Kung 50 profile. A road runner and a mountain climber can be an odd pair. But this led to creation of varied routes for their training, from their backyard mountain trail to Osmena Peak, and their latest was the ByWay12 360 Edition – a 117KM mostly mountain run via main roads (OUCH!). (Find more of their training grounds at ByWay12 Facebook page.)

Minglanilla-Naga Traverse to Toledo - Balamban Traverse to Cebu City via Transcentral Highway route

Minglanilla-Naga Traverse to Toledo – Balamban Traverse to Cebu City via Transcentral Highway

For a 50KM trail run in Hong Kong, a Cebuano may need to run more than 100KM just to simulate its elevation gain. Yes, that’s how much hard work a Cebu runner need to do just so they can get the needed elevation for a trail running event with high elevation.

Following is a quick Question and Answer with ByWay12’s Tony Galon to give us a glimpse behind their 360 edition and their duo:

Will you do it again — 360 edition, double coast-to-coast????

By chance, yes, but maybe on opposite direction if we need to get a PR (personal record). The uphills from Balamban to JY Square, Cebu City cost us more time. Of course, it will be with my CUC (Cebu Ultrarunners Club), and any group interested.

trascentral hiway route, cebu

You call your duo ByWay12 — what does it mean?

Byway – it’s another terminology of trail. We love trail.

12 – 12nn. We always end up our training on or before 12nn, not included the double coast2coast. He he

How did you 2 meet? How did you come up with ByWay12?

Jake and I are both living in Minglanilla. I first met jake thru a classmate of my wife that was also into running. That time, we were not closed. Until one Sunday, we met on the mountain part of Minglanilla, when I was looking for a possible route for a running event.

In your “double coast-to-coast,” was there a part you wish to quit? The most challenging part?

Yes! On the last 19k going to finish line, which is Gaisano, Minglanila, I had a fever. I felt very cold, but I am more focus to accomplished of what we had started.

Blooper moment?

When we used Gaisano Toledo as our CR (Comfort Room/toilet).

Balamban, Cebu, gaisano

Victorious moment?

Seeing the church and Minglanilla plaza.

Most unforgettable scene?

Stepping on my home doorstep after 21hrs.

The 360 edition, double coast-to-coast, was not ByWay12’s 1st adventure, what were your past adventures? Which was the most memorable and challenging?

Brgy. Calbasaan trail
Marathon on Ramie’s birthday
50k mountain and river trail

naga, cebu, trail


The most memorable is the traverse from Dalaguete to Kawasan, Badian via Osmena Peak. I almost gave up as the descending trail to Kawasan was almost not passable, and that I didn’t have something to hold on.

Between the 2 of you, who came up with ideas of where you will do your runs?
Jake was a mountain climber and he knows well about mountains and trails. But we decide for ourselves before we do our trails/runs.
In this kind of long runs, what are your tactics to keep you going and finish what you planned and started?
Actually, I was hesitant of this run because I had not enough rest. The day before this event, I was the co-race director of the ‘I Run for the Visayan Dream,’ and I had no sleep all night plus the pressure in setting up the event on the venue. I went home around 10am after clearing everything on the venue. When I was home, I was diverted to the school of my wife because she asked for help on her bulletin board display. I slept 1 hour on that afternoon, and night time slept at 10pm. Basically, my body was in zero conditioning.

But the gym hours and the (almost) daily runs I’ve done save me.

We used the 2KM and 50-meter run/walk.

For those who plan to do this 360 / (double coast-to-coast) route, please share tips:
…on costs?

* Carry at least p500 (in case of emergency), but we spend only less than p250.
* Use the capitol– balamban for easier and saving more time
* Hydrate well
* Run start at dawn for safety
* Headlamp with extra batteries
* Make sure to have enough water before entering uling, naga and transcentral
* GPS watch that can last at least 20hrs (have a portable charger)

…on hydration preparation?
For me, I trained to have a minimal hydration, but I keep a bottle of water during runs. I always refill from the piso-piso dispenser along the road for cheaper run.
…where to eat?
Our stops: 1. Sangi, Toledo City – breakfast, 2. Near Marco Polo, Cebu City – dinner  (all carenderia). We had snacks somewhere in transcentral.
runners pit stop at Transcentral Hiway, Cebu
What made this impossible possible?
I just like to thank my wife in supporting me of all my runs. Even spending the whole day away from them, she  understand as she is also a runner.
If you don’t have running stories to tell, but then you have running routes to share, we’d love to see them. Please do message us at

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