Red Cross and PhilHealth Face off at Fun Runs?!?

Am I the only who bother to make an issue of this?!?
They are set a week apart from each other: Red Cross on Feb. 10 and PhilHealth on Feb 17. I can’t help but ask if these 2 government agencies did not bother to talk to each other to at least spaced out their events. This way participants can recover from the “spending.” However “minimal” can their fee be, not all participants can support both. Thus less number of participants to each event. Or, maybe I’m wrong.

But what got really make me think about this is that it can be a concern because if government agencies could NOT discuss a fun run, how about bigger real issues? To think these 2 agencies deal with people’s health… But on to the positive side, let’s believe this kind of “behavior” only happens in fun run matters.

Anyhow, so where are you running?

Red Cross: Million Volunteer Run (02/10/2013) will happen in all towns and cities that has local chapters. You can find a list of places where they have local chapters here >>.

Basically, there are 2 categories in distance: 3K and 5K. But distances vary from one chapter to another. Some offer 7K, 10K, 12K, and 21K. The following places offers 21K distance: Bacolod City, Laoag City, and Vigan.

At, we list the different towns who advertised their Million Volunteer run on facebook, see here >>.

PhilHealth Run 2013 (02/17) will happen in 18 cities / towns across the country. They offere 3K / 5K / 10K / 18K distances. PhilHealth has a more organized registration system.


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