Winners of All Women Ultra Marathon Raffle

This is the game that we feel very lucky! Lucky that we got participants!!! =) Girls, thanks for the help in using! =)

Lucky that we got a special guest to draw the lucky winners! Thank you, Chrassie Wellington! She wanted to join but we told her to give chance to others so she requested instead if she could do the grace of picking the winners. Why not!!!

felt weird to see Lance Armstrong's name on this book

felt weird to see Lance Armstrong’s name on this book

Following are screenshots of the participants race calendar. Most probably it’s not complete as aktib’s list is not at all complete yet, but it shows that girls rock in running.

Based on these, University Run gets the most listed.

berna jess kyza lani nikki reese sheil steph

 So the winners of ALL WOMEN ULTRA MARATHON (AWUM) 2013 RACE SLOTS are:






As a big thank you to all who take time to join our little fun game, we’ll be giving female runroo shirts to those who did not get the race slot:

Stephanie Hefti, Bernadelle, Sheil Mike, and Reese Rogel.

Girls, I will contact you via email or facebook to get details from you.

Thank you, Chrassie Wellington. I will soon read your book!


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  1. jacob 30 January, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

    That was nice of Chrissie 🙂
    Thanks Runroo!

    • owrange 31 January, 2013 at 8:37 am #

      haha! =) it’s the 1st thing ako nakit-an.

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