Tony Galon: The Beginning and Future of TxtID Running / Sporting Accessory

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TxtID is a simple product idea to think of. It’s an identification accessory. There’s probably nothing extraordinary to it. But Tony Galon was able to find a way to make it more meaningful and beneficiary to the owner and its probable saviors, without making it more complicated. By saving your other important information in a database and making it accessible via SMS, TxtID lets you carry around those info without the bulk.

Tony Galon, TXTid founder -- TXTID a running / outdoor sports accessory made in cebu, philippines

Tony Galon

Following is a brief interview with him about TxtID — its beginnings and future.

Runroo: Based on TXT ID’s facebook account, TXT ID came into fruition some time in August, 2011. How did it all started?

Tony: It was started after the death of a runner in SRP-Talisay. I realized that each runner should have something to wear that can identify him/her in times of trouble. I was with my wife when we visit the runner at the morgue of Talisay District Hospital.

Based on that, the policeman whom I talked to mentioned that they had hard time to locate the relatives due to the absence of identification. Luckily, they found a 2 sim pack inside a coin purse.

Runroo: Of all different running products you can venture into, why TxtID?

Tony: I want to protect and save life of a runner, athletes, old people, sick people, or even an ordinary people.

Runroo: Who design the product?

Tony: I desiged the TxtID and shared this with other runners for financial support and marketing at start. These runners were Max Limpag, Jacob Ong, Edward Tan Ting and Ronald Rubic.

The design of the TxtID is to have your first-hand information in times of emergency cases. The user is the one to provide his/her information for the database, this include how to assist him/her or a special instructions, name of doctors, allergies, blood type, medical history, etc.

We share a small amount each for start, except Max. But later part, Edward suggested to have the TxtID to be handled by me for better and quick decision in the future.

Currently, I and Ronald Rubic are partners.

Runroo: The SMS support feature is something unique to TxtID. How did this feature became part of TxtID? Who came up with that feature?

Tony: Before I introduced the TxtID to the group, I am working with a person that can do programming that can pickup a text/code and use that code to connect to a database.

Jacob Ong developed the system. He was also the first person I talked when I got this idea.

Runroo: TRIVIA: Who was your TxtID’s first patronizer?

Tony: Arthur Batucan and Jing Sente. They both ordered together when I introduced this product during one of our Friday Night Run.

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