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HABAGAT OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT is the first thing that pops in my mind if you ask me about Cebu and adventure. For an island without much challenging mountains or a geography naturally made for chilling adventures, it did not prevent a group of Cebuano outdoor fans to pioneer in creating an outdoor shop, Habagat which is now one of the most popular local brands for outdoor gears. (Feel free to disagree with my description of Cebu’s mountains and geography.)

1st Habagat Shop. With a very minimum capital, struggling young architects Efren "Junks" Muaña, Randy Su and Dindo Sugatan formed HABAGAT OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT and setup a shop in a borrowed garage, in midtown Cebu City. (Source:

1st Habagat Shop.
“With a very minimum capital, struggling young architects Efren “Junks” Muaña, Randy Su and Dindo Sugatan formed HABAGAT OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT and setup a shop in a borrowed garage, in midtown Cebu City.”

I guess it’s because Filipinos are not just passionate, but they can be insanely passionate. If we are passionate about something, we always have that urge to share that wonderful thing with other people. And, one way to share that gift of passion is by creating products and crafts.

Now with the popularity of running in Cebu, it’s just natural that a few of those passionate runners came up with running gears and product: KAI Running Sandals, and TxtID.


Website: | Facebook: KAI Running Sandals | Email: 

If you had read Born to Run or a follower of Tarahumara running culture, KAI sandals is something familiar to you. KAI sandals are variation of Huarache sandals used by Tarahumara, running people of Mexico.

KAI Running sandals may have come from Jacob Ong’s, the proprietor, experiments on how to fix problems caused by his tendency to pronate unnaturally.

evolution of KAI running sandals?(from Jacob Ong's blog)

evolution of KAI running sandals? (photo from Jacob Ong’s blog)

After 101 experiments, KAI running sandal was then born.

KAI Namid running sandal / minimalist footwear and Kai running sandal / minimalist footwear made in cebu, philippinesThese 2 models are made from premium Nubuck leather.

Prices: P700 (with Philippine-made rubber sole 4mm)

P1, 400 (with Vibram Cherry rubber sole 4mm)

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT kill your toenails.

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT provide you cushioning so that you will be light on your feet and not jar your joints on each stride.

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT provide stability features so that you won’t be confused on how to change your running form just to please your shoes.

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT restrict the movement of your foot muscles, bones, and tendons so that you will not put undue stress on them trying to bend your shoes.

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT transform the sport of running into weight-lifting by letting your feet lift more than 10 ounces for the thousands of steps you take in your workout.

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT feel like a sauna for the feet.

KAI Running Sandals WILL NOT burn a hole in your wallet. (from

Following are stories of KAI sandals from its patronizers:

Dennis Savellano and his KAI collection running minimalist sandal footwear made in Cebu, philippines

Dennis Savellano and his collections


Dennis Savellano switched on minimalist footwear to get a better running form. Read on our short Q&A with him, and learn a few tips on how to get started with minimalist footwear like KAI running sandals here >>.


Ondoy Bangcoy, and his KAI collection minimalist running footwear shoes from cebu, philippines

Ondoy Bangcoy, and his KAI collection


Ondoy Bangcoy got himself into barefoot / minimalist footwear because of reading too much about running than actually doing runs. Read on our short interview with him, and learn about his most favorite pair of KAI Running Sandals here >>.


Website: TxtID Philippines | Facebook: TxtID | Email: | Contact +63 9228 061370

TxtID identification sporting outdoor running gear accessory

TxtID in different colors


At first look, TxtID can be just dismissed as just an accessory. But don’t be deceived. It’s a necessary accessory. It packs a WHOLE LOT of INFORMATION, without physically carrying them, that will help others to give you the proper treatment and care in case of emergency.

Each TxtID has a unique keyword / pin (engraved in the metal tag), which corresponds to the owner’s important information saved in a safe database.

Via SMS, texting your pin to TxtID’s hotline mobile number, your important information will be available any time and any where.

Try this:

Type JUAN123 and send to 0917-32-777-55.


Basic P950.00 – standard 5 lines information on name tag and no SMS support

Active A P950.00 – 4 lines of info on name tag plus a probation for SMS support

Active B P1,050.00 – 4 lines of info on name tag plus 3-month SMS subscription

Active C P1,250.00 – 4 lines of on name tag plus 6-month SMS subscription

SMS Subscription Rates: P50/month for 3 years, P70/month for 2 years, P90/month for 1 year


 Following are stories of TxtID from its founder / creator and patronizer:

Tony Galon, Founder of TxtID - running / outdoor sports ID accessory made in cebu

Tony Galon, Founder of TxtID


Tony Galon, being very active in the running community — from running, to race directing, to inviting runners to donate blood, it’s natural for him to be concerned with individual’s safety. Read on to learn more about how TxtID started with the support of other runners, and its future with GPS here >>


Johnny Ferniz runs, swims, and bikes with a TxtIDHave a glimpse of a tri-athlete’s life in our short Q&A with him here >>.

Johnny Ferniz, triathlete and marathoner, and his TxtID running accessory made in cebu, philippines

Johnny Ferniz and his TxtID

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